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Description Zombeast

What do you think about zombies? Do you like me as much as you kill them? Then you'll love this action game that revolves around killing zombies. How much do you take down before they come to you? You'll only find out when you play Zombie.

Zombist is an Action Survival FPS that can be played for free .fly. You are not sorry for installing this game on your mobile device. Zombist will let you kill a lot of zombies, thanks to its innovative gameplay. When you start playing, you will see that you are the only man left in a city. The city is now full of many angry zombies.


To stop this walking King Dead, you need to become a profession zombie killer. Interestingly, this is something you can easily achieve with Zambest, which is why you should play it. In Zombist, you will find exciting campaigns to play. The main thing for you to survive the cruel zombie apocalypse.

When playing this game, you should always keep in mind that every day can be your last day. So, if you want to live longer, you must always use all your skills. Don't hesitate to pull the trigger whenever you see a zombie. Zombies will never forgive your mistakes; Therefore, you should not make any mistake.

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Zombie has super-intensive gameplay that you will love. This is characterized by atmospheric sounds and visuals that represent typical zombie apocalypse. One thing is for sure, there is always something challenging in this game. This is because there are various mini-goals and campaign missions. Remember that you must eliminate all the crazy zombies.


To defeat these zombies, you need an arsenal. This arsenal should contain only zombie killer weapons. It should have a number of weapons, including weapons that can easily defeat zombie birds. You can use weapons like sniper rifles, shotguns, explosives, assault rifles, miniguns, pistols and more. These weapons will make it easier for you.


Zombie is a survival game, and you must try to survive in the long run. There is an endless run mode where you get to train your skills and kill various zombies. Surprisingly, Zombie is an offline flying game.

Download this game without hesitation to experience all these awesome and unique features.

Zombeast Mod Apk free download

Nothing is a sweater than killing zombies with much ease. Imagine starting the game to realize that all weapons are unlocked. This indicates that you will have access to different weapons and you can use them to easily access all the zombies.

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This is what you will find in Zombeast Mod apk among many other features. Download it now for free.


Download the latest version of Zombist on your mobile device to survive the zombie apocalypse.

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