Zee Telugu praises India’s long-running non-fiction franchise, Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa completes 25 years


From its inception, Zee Telugu has tried to uplift its audiences, whether it is to empower narrative stories on its fiction shows or to showcase their talents on non-fiction shows by providing a platform for hidden gems. The most beloved lover believes in the healing power of Telugu GEC channel art and brings his beloved audience for a unique concept. To honor the 25 glorious years of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on Zee TV, India's longest running non-fiction franchise and on Saturday, May 24, 2020, ZEL & # 39; One Country, will present a raga & # 39 ;, 25- Hour of Live-Ethan Digital Music Concert. The network aims to use music as an anchor to unite people and spread the word during this epidemic.

As the downdown continues, this digital concert is inspired by the driving spirit of unity, India's fight against Kovid-1. Most luminary singers from all over India come together for the purpose of concert and present more than 350 performances from their home on 10Z Facebook pages.

Zee Telugu, ZEL's first South GEC, won the hearts of Telugu audiences on May 18, 2005 in a culturally rich market, with existing key players, and across India. Zee Telugu also stands by its brand philosophy ‘Arambham Okka Eduguthan’ and provides its viewers with consistently thoughtful, socially relevant and relevant content. Known for marvelous shows like Muddha Mandaram, No. 1 Kodalu, Prema Anta Madhuram, Adhirindhi, Local Gangs and Drama Juniors, Zee Telugu keeps its viewers engaged in entertaining, rich and new, exciting and unique ways. Over the years, one of the most popular shows on the channel has been running Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and it has become a household name in two Telugu states.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has changed many lives as a platform, and now, by contributing to the GIVEINDIA – India’s largest and most trusted platform through the Kovid-19 epidemic will give them the opportunity to do something for the most affected. Active & # 39; Donations & # 39; during Live-Ethan. Link. In an effort to bring positivity during the ongoing epidemic and to mark the 25th anniversary of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa's successful journey, Zee Telugu paid tribute to the show, which has given way to many popular singers in the Telugu market.


The channel is bringing together celebrities associated with the show for a special event 'Ok Desam, Ok Ragam'. This special event, former judges, together with other popular singers together they remember Sa Re Ga Ma Paa 25 years with a great cause, work to return to their home. ‘Okay Desham, Okay Ragam’ will air on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD on May 24, 2020 at 7pm only, while Shax Mala and Ravi will delight the host of the show.

Former judges Koti, Chandra Bose, Vijay Prakash and Malgudi Shubha will perform their magic as they sing in their biggest hits. To join him on Live will be Revanth, Anurag Kulkarni, Sahitya Changanti, Sahitya, Satya Yamini, Anjana Soumya, Saketh, Madhu Priya, Roll Reeda, Mangli, Dhanujay, Lipsika, Saketh, Ramya Behra, Sai Dev Harsh, Shanimukh Priya. , Including Renu Kumar. Live-Ethan's famous real-life duo Hema Chandra and Srona Bhargavi will be sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats with their offspring and amazing chemistry.

‘One Country, One Raag’ – the first multi-regional musical festival of its kind aimed at rediscovering and reconnecting the power of humanity with music. Zee Channels will take these viewers down the memory lane and bring these iconic kick singers together for this great purpose.

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