Zee Telugu, ‘Hitler Gari Palem’, will captivate viewers with the latest literary launch


Encourage viewers to set aside a naive attitude and say "Yes, I can do it!" Myth is the centerpiece of Zee Telugu's next fantasy offering fur, ‘Hitler Gary Palm’. Premiering 17 AugustM, 2020, the show will air every Monday through Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD. Produced by Om Entertainments, the show tells a light-hearted story. Bhanumati, Who had messed up most of her life and is rarely considered by her family to be the one to fix one thing, becomes a mother-in-law to her three eldest daughters-in-law by the paradox of circumstances.

Unlike for a role niche ‘Aatha Kodalu’ Relationship, the three daughters-in-law set out in search of the right bride for their father-in-law Abhinav Jagarlamudi (AJ) And each, for their own self-interest, let him accompany Bhanum. Being the new mother-in-law in a house where the old daughter-in-law has long ruled the idol, Bhanum is a friendly inexperienced outsider facing resistance and challenges. As a result, she snatches time and again without power – "You can't whitewash it." Embracing insecurities and keeping in mind the concept of ‘perfection’ would be Zee Telugu’s whimming love story, Hitler Gary Pelm.

Hitler Gary Pelm features Nirupam Paritala as an innovation, Who is known as Shobhan Babu of television, has returned to Zee Telugu after a long hiatus. Nirupam fans have been shocked by her new look and they have been buzzing through social media platforms. ‘Hitler’ Become a household name in the short term. Gomti Priya Is cast for the role of Bhanumati. Leading actors in the show such as, Sunanda Malsetti, Kirti Jaidhanush, Madhukrishna And others in the lead roles.

Hitler is inspired by the Gary Pelm concept Zee TV's Good Tumse Na Ho Payega, Which has brought initiative and revolution in the television industry and continues to win the hearts of the people. Since the launch of the show's promo, zealous fans of Zee TV's Good Tumse Na Ho Payega have been waiting for the Telugu version. Focusing on its flaws and how Bhanumati fights them skillfully, Zee Telugu has designed a 360 degree promotional activity to engage the audience.


To witness the unique journey from Bhanumathi, tune-in on Hitler Gary Pelm starting at 17M August Gust 2020, every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD!

As we welcome the new general and our entertainment proposal, we urge audiences to stay safe and continue to enjoy their favorite show from the comfort of their home.

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About Zee Telugu:

Zee Telugu is the Telugu General Entertainment Channel of Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited (ZEEEL). Launched on the 18thM In May 2005, Zee Telugu was the first entrant from Zee Kalgi to enter South India. Zee Telugu presents a variety of shows that cater to the entertainment choices of over 75 million Telugu viewers across India every week. From fiction shows to reality shows and talk shows, the channel has multi-style ings and is widely accepted as the ultimate entertainment venue. Zee Telugu creates extraordinary content by offering fiction shows with unique story lines, sophisticated non-fiction shows and events with extraordinary formats and captures the satellite of some of the biggest Tollywood movies that appeal to viewers of age groups. .

With a balanced mix of content and programming options, Zee Telugu is one of the top Telugu GEC channels in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Zee Telugu is well connected on all cable and digital platforms and is also available on ZE5.

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