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One of the largest streaming online streaming platforms in the country, the Z5 recently caused a stir with the planned launch of a new web-series called ‘Godman’. The show was postponed following reactions from religious and political groups, who called the show Hinduphobic. Instead, the Z5 finally moved on to release a new web-series on June 12 called The Casino: My Games My Rules. The show was originally scheduled to premiere in April with the release of the expected season 2 of "Poison", but was delayed for unknown reasons. Now it's finally here! Unfortunately, the series leaves a lot to be desired.

‘Casino’ is a crime thriller directed by Hardik Gajjar and the conspiracy revolves around a power struggle in India’s large casino empire. It’s fast paced, full of plot twists, romance and steam passionate scenes. The series reflects the gambling environment in India and its legitimacy, where casino tors parters have always been in the limbo between legal and non-legal. The show attempts to shed light on the dark side of the casino, the dirty money that is laundered and, in the case of the web series, all the shady networks connected to it. All of this makes for a real and exciting series, right?

Same old story

The series uses an old motto mostly used in Bollywood: a "mysterious" story about the super-rich, where the bad guy is the enemy's sidekick – which we figure out in the first episode. The ‘casino’ doesn’t even try to be unique, and despite the plot twists and steam scenes where everyone sleeps with everyone, there’s also nothing captivating about the series. With the exception of product values. Surprisingly, each frame is of high quality, the visuals and construction values ​​are gorgeous but the story and script just don’t hold it. Each character is one-tiered, there is a thirst for power and not much else. In short, scriptwriter Deepak Pachori did not do a good job. One of the main characters says he desperately wants to walk away from his criminal life, when he feels like he’s killing people at every opportunity. Parallel stories are woven into a new episode to disappear into the front without a trace, leaving viewers confused as to what’s going on and leaving many unanswered questions at the end of the show’s 10th episode.



The series has three central characters, Rihanna, a beautiful dancer, and Manda, played by Karimi. Marwah, a powerful and shrewd billionaire businessman, played by Sudhanshu Pandey and his son and successor Vicky Marwah, played by Karanveer Bohra. Each episode revolves mainly around the main characters committing crimes, being caught by the police and released. The main conspiracy is about a power struggle between Rihanna and Vicky as they both plan to take control of the casino empire. Vicky is portrayed as a simple brat, but she comes across as a perfect psycho. Rihanna has a relationship with Marwah, she has made him almost a stepmother with Vicky, while there is also a steam relationship between her and Vicky. This creates a fantastic triangle play. The story becomes more bizarre as new characters without any backstory are presented with a semi-baked plot. Manda's Karimi does a convincing job as a villain. The cast as a whole needs to get some credit, though, although they are hardly trustworthy, they give their cringe dialogue with straight faces.


If you have nothing to do, watch this series at your own risk. At the very least, try to enjoy the really great lighting, sound, scenery and props in this product.

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