Z5 Alt Balaji ‘Rainy Season 2’ web series full episodes leaked online for download in Tamilrockers, Moviesflix, Telegram?


ALT Balaji has always created a show that had a unique theme. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes and has received rave reviews. Once such a show is raining. The first season was a huge success and the second season was announced earlier.

ALT Balaji recently released a teaser of Barish Season 2. The show was praised by critics as well as audiences.

Barish starred Asha Negi and Sherman Joshi in the lead roles. The web series marks the digital entry of both Negi and Joshi. The first season premiered in 2019. Barish discovered the journey after meeting two complete strangers from different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Rainy Season 2 is set to release on May 620.

Barish Season 2 Trailer

Barish Season 1 came to an end on the note of split between the main characters Anuj and Gaurvi. Gauravi was put behind bars and Moss closed his curtains there. The second season will see them rediscover their bond and fall in love as life hits them in the face but they are victorious. They dream of the future together as a family.

He will explore their married life when they try to find love and balance between chaos. The trailer promises a play-filled ride with the entry of villains who have a hell of a tendency to keep the couple apart.

Watch the trailer here:

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Alag hai ye ehsas, barish ched rahi hai ek naya saaz! If khwaishen pichli baro re gay gai thi adhuri, kya ishas baro ki barish karegi unko garib? Watch Anuj and Gaurav on #Barish Season 2, streaming on May 6th. The trailer has now come out on ltAltbalaji and zee5premium. @ektarkapoor @ shobha9168 #JetendraKapoor @sharmanjoshi @priyabanerjee @vikramingh_chauhan @manitjoura @ sahilshroff1 @poulomipolodas_official @sheetaltiwarii @ i.m.abhishekk @anjsinghdhan @shdhhhhhhhhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhhanhhhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhanhhhhhanhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhan @ @jjhhdhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnhi & # 39; jd & # 39; Click on

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Rainy Season 2 Plot

Barish sees the journey of the two main leads coming in different backgrounds. Anuj (Sharman Joshi), a Gujarati diamond trader, runs his own business empire after his father's death.

On the other side is Gaurvi (Asha Negi). He belongs to a middle class Marathi family where education is important. The presence of rain is the only common thread between the two and it is the rain that brings them together. Viewers have demanded that the second season be heavily influenced by the strong performances of the cast as well as the heart-wrenching story of the unusual couple in love.

Season 1 of Barish ended with Anuj and Gaurvi parting ways but in Season 2, viewers will be able to see the connection between Anuj and Gaurvi. They will do their best to find the perfect balance between the struggles of life and love, it will enter into their married life.

He will explore their married life when they try to find love and balance between chaos. The trailer promises a play-filled ride with the entry of villains who have a hell of a tendency to keep the couple apart.

Rainy Season 2 Cast

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Anuj ka pyaar usar uski jeevan hai gauravi 😍 But to find the happiness of the world for her, she lost her love. Watch a new twist in season 2 of their story, streaming on તેમનીaltbalaji and @ zee5premium on May Bth. Liked


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The second season of Rain will see a repeat of the cast from the previous season with a special entry. The makers of the web series also announced the entry of P actor Jitendra in season two. It will mark its digital debut with Barish 2.

Next and next season cast includes Anuj as Sharman Joshi Gauravi, Priya Banerjee as Shreya, Sahil Shroff Rishi, Shubhangi Latkar Kanchan as Paulomi Das as Falguni, Ashok Joshi as Paresh as Sonab, Binaf Zinia as Patel, Arju as Sanchi. Muni Jha, Mira Patharkar as Devyani, and others.

How to watch Rainy Season 2?

Barish ALT Balaji is the original series and is only available to view on the ALT Balaji app. Since Barish Season 1 only started to flow on ALT Balaji, Season 2 will claim it. The application requires a subscription without which you are unable to view the range. Follow the next few simple steps to watch Rainy Season 2:

  • Download the ALT Balaji app through the App Store or Play Store
  • Subscribe to it and login to your account
  • Post Login Gin Search for Rainy Season 2. The web series will be released on May 6, 2020.

Rainy Season 2 web series le leaked online by Tamilrockers, Telegram, torrent sites?

The Barish Season 2 series is being released a year after the previous season. The producers have taken it to an excellent height and the show has a very fan following. But the main issue unveiled by the web series these days is the problem of online piracy. The entire web series was leaked before the release of Barish Season 2 Series on Tamirukrokar, a leading torrent site for country, series, movies and shows. TamilRockers allows free downloads and streaming of shows. In addition, the Hotstar Specials Barish Season 2 web series has been unofficially leaked on Filmzilla, Moviesflix, MovieRoules, Khatrimaza and Boliflix.

Modern day web series and streaming online streaming platforms rely heavily on starting weekly traffic as a significant source of return on investment. With the launch of TamilRockers and other web online web series streaming sites, creators and digital streaming partners face the daunting task of dealing with this situation at their hands. Given the current economic situation of the country, only through the web series will the industry be able to make money.

The Barish Season 2 series has its loyal followers who will choose to watch the show legally. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is that in such times many people prefer to subscribe to the OTT platform for entertainment purposes. They would prefer to use the money spent instead of finding a pirated only 480p or 720p print version of the show.

Disclaimer: We condemn movie / web series piracy on TheNewsCrunch and pledge to strengthen anti-piracy laws around the world and give due respect to the skills and talents of actors and everyone involved in the digital entertainment industry. The Pirate Act, 1957 protects all types of music, songs and videos, literary and artistic work. The StopPlineOnline Piracy Act (STOP) is an act that prohibits access to sites hosting pirated content.

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