Z.E. Pitcher, with a special movie line-up brings Dr. Prince’s magic to life


Fighting the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in the country, one of the leading Kannada movie channels, Z.E. Pitcher left no stone unturned in displaying the title library, allowing visitors to sit back and enjoy the comfort of their home with their families. Padma Bhushan Dr. Raj Kumar's birthday, on 24th April 2020, Zee Pitcher is telecasting through his blockbuster movies and special events taking his viewers down the alley of gloom, making it a hit-day.

Sandalwood's hit movies target Z.E. Pitcher has created a special line-up which includes films like Nyayev Devaru, Mayura, Mayor Muthanna, Bangarda Manushya and Bhagyada Bhagilu. Other than that, on the same day, Z.E. Pitcher, Dr .. As a tribute to Raj Kumar, a special occasion will also be telecast on Rajadhaniyali Raj Rassanj. With Dr. Raj Kumar's movie festival and special occasion on April 24, the channel is ready to equip viewers with the hit Dinada Feeling.


So, don't miss to watch Dr. Raj Kumar's all-time favorite movies on April 24, 2020 only on ZE Pitcher. As your entertainment partner, we urge you to stay home and be safe!

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