Why Delete Minute Video on YouTube Mysore Cause YouTube


Delete the minute video: So this news is coming from youtube. The latest Tiktok YouTube video of India's largest roster Carimanati has been uploaded from YouTube. There was a lot of demand for this video from people. After watching this video, people have written this video till the 13th like. Crossed 32M views in YouTube.

Delete a minute video on YouTube

Tiktok vs YouTube has uploaded this video in the fight between youtube. All the same YouTube has highly endorsed this video of the agreement. This video has broken a lot of records on the YouTube platform. As well as most like video in India.

  • Fast Indian video of 1 1M likes (2 hours)
  • Fast Indian video of M 2M likes (5 hours)
  • Fast Indian video of M 3M likes (9 hours)
  • Fastest Indian Video of M 4M Likes (17 hours)
  • Fast Indian video of M 5M likes (22 hours)

We feel that there has been a bit of spam behind the jigsaw video. And this is done by some heaters. A lot of YouTube and its fans are angry with this thing. He is venting his anger on Twitter. It is trending on Twitter. So let us see the reaction of some popular YouTubers on Twitter. Delete a minute video on YouTube

YouTube Criminal Video Takedown People's Response.

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Roasting + bitter truth

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