Where is the Camp Gateway filmed? The actual filming location of the Bravo show


Reality shows often have someone wanting more: more money, more fame or more fun. 'Camp Gateway' is the Bravo reality series that yearn for the most. Unlike traditional reality shows, 'Camp Gateway' has a pretty unique concept. Bravo's show revolves around the titular summer camp staff for adults. When camp guests try to relieve the stress of the weekend at the camp gateway, it is only the camp staff that makes the fun possible. They are responsible for taking care of guests' often-eccentric demands. Despite the different experiences, staff members connect with their love for a lifestyle that allows guests to enjoy themselves after the holiday.

Where is the Camp Gateway filmed?

'Camp Gateway' is a reality television series whose central premise, as previously stated, revolves around adults in summer camps. It is certainly a unique concept for a reality show but it does make one wonder whether in reality, such a place is in all its glory. The show's setting is sure to plant wishful weekend goals in the minds of viewers. So, it is natural for anyone to wonder where 'Camp Gateway' is filmed. But is the Camp Gateway a real place? If so where is it located?


Viewers will be delighted to know that the summer camp for adults pictured at 'Camp Gateway' is a real place for anyone to visit. If it wasn't, 'Camp Gateway' wouldn't really be a reality show.

Camp Gateway has been billed as a show that is set to a location that shares its name with the title of the series. However, where the Bravo reality series has been set and filmed is the real place Club Gateway

General Chat Chat Lounge The club is located at the gateway 59 S. Kent Road in Kent, Connecticut. According to the Summer Camp official Facebook page, "Club Gateway is by car or gateway bus from New York and 90-2 by bus to Boston."

The Club Gateway is sold as a "beautiful and rustic weekend resort" where adults can indulge in numerous sports and activities. Take a look at the following promotional video to get an idea of ​​what kind of venue the Club Gateway is:

The Club Gateway is located near the Berkshire Mountains and offers adults a chance to socialize, dine, drink and dance. One can enjoy archery, rafting or various other activities. Moreover, visitors especially appreciate its delicious food. One Google reviewer, for example, said, "I've gone on an LGBT weekend and I'm back completely next year. The food is delicious, the cabins look rustic but they have all the modern amenities, and lots of activities I can't keep up! "

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