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    Telegram groups are a powerful tool for building communities and can support each of the 200,000 members. Friends and families use groups to coordinate their work, answer questions and share photos and plans, teams and businesses to stay in touch with their investors. Telegram has many features that make communication easier in a group, whether it is their size or purpose.

    To reply to a specific message in the group dialog, just swipe left on it, type your text and hit ‘Send’. If you tap the quote in a message that is replying, the app scrolls to the original message – and shows the arrow button to return to the previous location. This makes the conversation in the group easier even if you are away for a while. The person you have replied will be notified about your message, whether they mute group chats – in this case their notification settings apply to you individually.

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    Some interesting details about telegram group. 

    If you want to get some people inside group chat sit in the conversation immediately, you can refer to it in the message. Even if they mute group chats, they will be informed of your message unless they silence you personally, of course! In busy groups, you can often receive new references or replies during the day – and it is important not to miss those messages. So whenever this happens, you will see directly through the ‘@’ badge in the chat list

    When you have new answers/references in the group, you can access them immediately by tapping the new ‘@’ button when you are in the conversation. This button will disappear once you read all relevant messages (you can also use long taps on the button to quickly mark it as read). Groups are ideal for sharing cooperation with friends and family or small teams. We have a lot of administrative tools to maintain peace in these virtual cities.

    Hint: If you are doing something very popular, think about creating a channel. Channels are a means to broadcast public messages to larger audiences and can be unlimited customers. Group admins can inform all members about important news by using the pined message shown at the top of the chat screen. All members will receive notifications even if they mute the group’s general messages.

    Groups administrators can always edit the messages that are pinned. This means that your pined message can contain an updated list of important messages or links to other channels and groups. It is easy to move your current group chats to Telegram without any hassle. Just send an invitation link to your friends. They can follow that link and join your Telegram group as soon as they receive a telegram.


    To get a link, first group on Telegram, then add the participant. Tap section and ‘Invite the group through link’. Here you get the option: Use this link to move your current groups to Telegram.

    If you want a friendly link, groups can become public and get a short link like In this way, anyone can view the entire communication history of the group and join to post messages.

    You can copy links to individual messages within public groups. Anyone can see them by opening their link – no telegram account is required. Tweet confidently! The bot expands the potential strength of groups, making everything from automatic moderation to games, payments and beyond.

    To help maintain order in your community, you can add administrators with specific groups of privileges. Who among your trusted administrators can add new users, manage messages, block members, edit group information, or add new admins. Administrators who do not want to ban members of their groups in full may partially limit their rights to prevent behaviour that causes problems. You can put bad users in read-only mode or stop sending stickers or media for a while. You can do this with complete precision:

    Robots can be fun too. With Bot API version 3.1, you can use admin bots to automatically impose temporary or permanent restrictions based on member actions. See the doctors here to start building your robotic police force today. When multiple admins are working with a group, it is easy to confuse what admins did and when (or which admin bot has gone skynet on your members). That is why we have added the “Recent Actions” section to the admin page. This section stores the log of all service actions taken in the group in the last 48 hours and only appears to the admin.

    Recent actions in the groups also show the original versions of deleted messages in the last 48 hours and the edited messages for the same period, so bad behavior like self-deleted spam will no longer help anyone avoid the wrath of administrators. Large groups with 100 members and more can select the official sticker set to view and use when interacting in groups – without needing to add it to their panel.



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