What is Lashanta White from my 600-pound life in 2020?


The TLC original series ‘My 600-lb Life’ is the one that documents each individual’s weight loss journey in each episode. They start with a weight of at least 600 pounds (270 kg) and work out for a year to reduce it to become a healthier and fitter version of themselves. The whole process in Houston is done with the help of a strict diet and surgeries enabled by Now Now (Dr. Yunan Nauzradan) and then we have it broadcast on our television screens. One such person who appeared on the show was Lashanta White.

Lashanta White My 600-Pound Life Journey

We were first introduced to Season 7, Episode 16 of the show by 39-year-old Lashanta White from Louisiana's Canner. The mother of four weighed 662 lbs and had been bedridden for practically more than two years, causing her to suffer from degenerative lymph. She feared that life was passing and had only one goal – to get healthy before the age of 40.

She was willing to meet Dr. Cutter at her office fee in Houston and get the help she needed to reach her goal, but she couldn't help anyone on the trip. Her mother, who sometimes took care of her, and her boyfriend Jetty, gave her no support. When her mother said, "No mom wants a fat donkey daughter," she said she wouldn't want to be with him if she lost more weight.

Fortunately, Lashanta's sons swam pped and took him to Houston to meet Dr. Knorr Now, where he was later told that the weight loss surgery would be unsafe immediately, so it's too big. He had to work on his health first before providing any medical assistance and was given strict orders and diet plans. So, her weight loss journey began over the years.

Where is lashanta now

In the first eight months of the program, Lashanta's weight loss journey was virtually non-existent. Meanwhile her boyfriend JT broke up with her and it didn’t help the situation. "Without the jetty, I don't have anyone to help anymore." She said on the show after her breakup, "So I'm really sad about this because every time I feel like I'm trying to turn my life around and bring my head above water, I think there's something successful. And pull me back.


He was only nine months old when Dr. Now immediately said that he would not be able to help her until she started losing weight, he started taking things seriously. In her final three months, Lashanta dropped herself a staggering 133 pounds and was approved for weight loss surgery.

The only condition put forward by Dr. Cutter Now was that he first needed to regain his mobility. "Once you're able to stand up and walk, we do weight loss surgery," he tells Lashanta. Towards the end of the episode, he was heard saying, "I can't wait for all the positive and good stuff to come to me."

While she still seems to be focusing on her health, she has never revealed the truth about the weight she has lost. Lashanta seems to have a strict rule about just posting a neck-up image on her social media accounts, but even with that, the difference is obvious. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of weight loss updates, along with posts that include her makeup and nail-art. On the other hand, her YouTube channel is where she has uploaded videos of herself singing.

She hasn't announced yet where they are now. A follow-up episode, but we look forward to seeing her again and further progress and happiness in her life.

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