What did Pramod Boro do for the minority when he was in ABSU? BTC election


BTC Election – What did Pramod Boro say to the BTC minority when he was the leader of ABSU? And what was the position of Pramod Boro during the NRC process in Assam? ABMSU General Secretary Tyson Hussein's response in this regard.

Elections are about to start in BTC. The political party has already started its preparations. At the same time, the political motive of the BTC is heating up. BTC's political parties have started raising their voices against each other and have started their own camping, out of which there is a lot of camping on social media. And at the same time, meetings are being held in every village for the election.

Along with this, ABMCSU (All BTC Minority Students Union), the largest minority organization of BTC, has also been formed. Because minorities in BTC do not get government facility whether it is in education or any development. And for this, this organization has been demanding its equal rights from the government for years. And with this, ABMSU has reacted before the election. There are also fears that the political party that ABMSU is supporting will form a government in the BTC.

ABMSU general secretary Tyson Hussain told a press conference in Aurang that BTC's political party UPL president Pramod Boro did not utter a single word for the development of BTC minorities when he was the main leader of ABSU.


And during the NRC process in Assam, several unions with ABSU filed millions of fake objections conspiring against the BTC minority overnight. As a result, the names of thousands of religious minorities have not been printed in the NRC.

And with this, when he was the president of the student union ABSU, he never said a word about the biggest land issue of the BTC minority, for which the BTC minority organization ABMSU appealed to the government and protested. Tyson Hussain said that the NGO of North East Heritage Foundation had filed a petition in the Guwahati High Court seeking expulsion of BTC minorities. Applied, which comes from the UPPL political party, whose hearing is still ongoing.

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