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'Deadwater Fail' is a mysterious thriller that revolves around Tom Kendrick, whose life goes down after his wife and children are killed in a house fire. Upon closer inspection, death looks like a more entangled secret, and many people seem to be involved. Created and written by Daisy Killam and directed by Lindsey Miller, Dark Psychic .The series, which premiered in January 2020 on Channel 4 in the UK. Was published in, and received favorable responses from audiences and critics.

He was praised for the show's compelling storyline, David Tennant and Kush Jumbo's electrical performances and atmospheric setting. Many people have compared the show's vibes to 'Broadchurch' and 'The Killing'. If you are a fan of British crime dramas and want to know more about 'Deadwater Fail' Season 1, keep reading!

Deadwater Fell Season 1 release date

The premiere of 'Deadwater Fail' Season 1 begins Monday, April 6, 2020, Acorn on TV. It includes 4 episodes of an hour. For the rest of the episodes, the show follows the weekly release format, thus ending on April 27, 2020.

Its US Ahead of the premiere, the show is a UK event. Posted on Channel 10 on January 10, 2020.

Deadwater Fell Cast: Who's in it?

BAFTA Award-winning actor David Tennant is headlining for a role as a medical practitioner, Tom Kendrick. He is best known for his performance in "Broadchurch," "Doc Kutter Who," "Good Omen." Anna Medley is 'The Good Fight' fame, joining Tennant as his schoolteacher wife, Kate. Kate and Tom friends – Kush Jumbo ('The Good Wife') and Matthew M'Nulty ('The Terror') join the cast to essay the character of Jess Milner and Steve Campbell, respectively.


The cast includes Caroline as Betty Carroll, Mark as Stuart Bowman, Lie, Ree Brett… Dilling Rillington, Gordon Brown as Corinus, Grace Kerder as Tella, Celine Heasley as Tyla, Mac MacDonald as Taylor, Lisa Jadra, Sandra Grammy as Taylor. Missy as Simi, An Nika Rose as Nicky, Orla Russell as Emily, and many others.

Deadwater Fail Plot: What is it?

The show follows Tom Kendrick, a renowned therapist who lives in Kirkdarroch, Scotland, and his family – wife Kate and three adorable daughters. Because of Tom's loving nature and their beautiful relationship, a happy family enjoys a reputation in the community. On a frightening night, tragedy struck Kendrick's house, while locals found smoke coming from Kendrick's house. When Jess and her husband Steve run to their friends' place, they are haunted to find Kate and the girls dead, when Tom steps out and is taken to the hospital.

Upon investigation, officers discovered shades of evidence related to the incident, suggesting a foul play. Questions arise over Kate's maternity as injection marks appear on her body. The only surviving member of the family, Tom, has also become a major suspect, as Jess begins an exploration to find out why she takes such a despicable step in front of her best friend Kate. As the days pass and the masks disappear, the secrets of the neat towns are revealed.

Deadwater Fail Trailer

Check out the trailer for 'Deadwater Fail' Season 1!

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