Vestige 2020 – Vestige Public Review, Vestige Product


Today I will tell you what a vestige company is, what benefits you will get from vestige and what you should know if you want to work in vestige. And what is a public review of Vestige? All these things I will tell you in this article.

Before knowing about Vestige, I want to tell you that not all people are capable of doing business. So if you want to get involved in vestige business, you also need to know how much respect vestige company gives in public.

Because you are about to become a new businessman. And if the company you want to join does not have public respect, then you will not succeed by joining that company.

So even if you want to work in a vestige company and have a job, you should read this article once. Because of this, I have given all the information about the company. What is its public review, I have said in this article. So read to the end of this article to know all this information. Learn about the four best instant loan applications in India.

What is the Vestige Company business?

The network marketing company has been operating in India for the last 20 years, including the Vestige Company. Vestige Company comes from the network marketing industry, we also know it as network marketing business and it is also known as multi level marketing.

The company has been operating in India for the last 15 years. And its head office is at Okhla, Delhi. The founders of this company are three people, their names are – first Gautam Bali, second Deepak Sood and third number Kanwar Bir Singh. Together these three have made this company very big.

How the Vestige Company Works

So if you want to join Vestige Company, you should know about this company, which we mentioned earlier. And you also need to find out how this company works. So we have given details for your information about how this company works, you should read it.

Simply put, if you join Vestige, you have to sell the product of that company. That means you have to be a shopkeeper. You can make money from this company in other ways. It’s a network marketing company, so you have to get more people involved in this company. And the more people you add to this company, the more commission you will get.

This is the company’s plan for commission, the more you sell the company’s products and the more people you add to this company, the higher your level in the company will be. People you have added to this company. They all have to sell the company's product. And out of all of that, you get commissions if those people sell the product and add more and more people to the company.


Vestige Products

At Vestige Company, you will find every product that humans need. Like all groceries, all the medicine you will find within the company. And that's why the company is so popular.

Types of Vestige Company products

Each product category of Vestige Company –

  1. Health care products
  2. Personal Care Products
  3. Oral care products
  4. Health food
  5. Agricultural products
  6. Self-health chain
  7. Professional equipment

Vestige Review – What People Say About Vestige Company

A lot of people have given their reviews about Vestige Company, from there we have collected all this information which gives you below.

According to Crown Director Vestige Ajay Gupta – he has worked for a company in Bihar for seven years and for the company which has received the top label. He says the company can't say everything in advance about new entrants to the company. And left the company after working for seven years.

He has learned that he is not going to benefit from this company in the future. If you want to work in this company, you will get the current payment. If you are thinking that you are working hard now, then later you will get the same payment every month, then you are wrong. To pay every month, you have to work every day every month and at the end of the month you get paid.

Through YouTube, an employee of that company, he explains that Vestige’s products only take money, but don’t work. According to him, if you buy perfume, its fragrance will only last for 15 minutes, until you buy that perfume, it will not smell even 15 minutes after buying that perfume.

Says Crown Director Ajay Gupta –

By the way, the company was banned in India for 6 months. The company was banned by the Indian Direct Selling Association for making substantial reports against Vestige. In this regard, the Indian Direct Selling Association banned the company in India for 6 months. Prohibition by Idsa

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