V Movie Budget, Office X Office Fees, Cast, Release Date, Hit or Flop and Story


V Movie 2020

V Movie Budget: Are you Lucin South's popular superstar short film? Today Shopper, I am going to inform you about this unique topic within this post. This article is linked to Southern superstar Nana's upcoming film V 2020 like thisovie. In this, we will cover all types of this film which you will be happy to know. I am going to share the details of V film, Its budget, office x fees, cast, release date, hits and flops and the story with you. V 2020 Movie Budget. V movie release date postponed.

Super star Small, Whose fanfare is spread all over India. Most of his films are hits on office fees. Because today the southern industry is getting the support of all Indians. This South Industry is coming on par with Bollywood. The film mainly features Small And Sudhirbabu Posani Has a major role.

V Movie Budget, Office X Office Fees, Cast, Release Date, Hit or Flop and Story

V 2020 Movie Tollywood is an action-thriller film in the Telugu language of the industry. Which is on the verge of separation. The film is directed by Mohan Krishna Indragati and produced by Dil Raju, Sirish, Laxman, Harshit Reddy under the banner of Shri Venkateswara Creation Productions. If we haven't found the right information about the movie's budget, I'll give you some data. It would have been made together Budget Around C 37 C.R..

V Movie Budget, Office X Office Fees, Cast, Release Date, Hit or Flop and Story

I have told you some basic things about this film, so I will tell you a little more accurate information. Amit Trivedi has composed the music to make the music of this action film better. P.C. Vrinda has done the cinematography. This is Nana's 25th film. In which they are playing negative roles.

Critics rating: N / A

IMDB rating: N / A

Individual rating: 8.5 / 10

Release date Not available
Star cast Nana, Sudhir Babu Posani, Niveta Thomas
Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Author Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Style Action, thriller
Based on N / A.
Estimated budget C 37 C.R. (Cost + Publicity)
Office x Office Fee Collection Domestic: N / A,
Worldwide: N / A,
Industry / Language Tollywood / Telugu
Creator Dil Raju, Sirish, Laxman, Harshit Reddy
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Story and tagline Story line: If we talk about the story, we have not received the information yet, but I will give you a little idea. In this movie Nini, who is playing Jagativ Rowley and Sudhir Babu Posani who is playing the role of hero in this movie.
Trailer / teaser
Through music Director: Amit Trivedi
Lyricists: Sirivanella Sitharam Sastri
Company: Aditya Music
Songs and singers Mansu Mari Geet Geet

Vasthunna Vachestunna Song Lyrical

The film was announced by Shri Venkateswara Creations on April 29, 2019 along with Sudhir Babu, Aditi Rao Haidari and Niveta Thomas. This is Nini's 25th film playing the role of Badni. Movie photography without Nani starred in May 2019. His second secret was made in June 2019 with all the artists. The film was shot by Nana on August 11, 2019. In September 2019, it was relocated to Thailand and was mostly shot in the country by Sudhir Babu and Nanny.

Social media reviews

If you want to know better about any film then social media can be the best option, we are going to show you this today. So let's find out. How do we know all this information from social media?

Nanny film postponed coronavirus in India

The way Corona virus Spread around the world and his letter also appears in India. To prevent this, the government has asked all public places to remain closed till March 31. So Nana's film was to be released on March 20, 2020. Its date was postponed to April. Corona virus. V movie release date postponed.

Older release date Coming soon
New release date Coming soon

Budget and hit or flop

Everyone wants to know the budget and hits and flops, then I'll give you information about that too. The budget of this small film is also good. And C 37 C.R. The budget of this movie has been kept which is a proper budget of Telugu film. This movie can . 8 C.R. Collection almost on the first day at office x office fees. And this film will definitely prove to be a hit, we just guess this. V 2020 Movie Budget.

V Movie Budget C 37 C.R. Overall
V movie hit or flop (Hit) expect

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