Tsugumomo (Tsugumu Tsugumomo) Season 2 release date, story, spoilers and all we know

Tasugumo S2

A good Ichi anime with some easy adult content Tsugumomo is getting its second season on Sunday the 5th of April, 2020, entitled "Tsugu Tsugumomo." This series is a Japanese manga series titled Tsugumomo, illustrated and written by Yoshikazu in 2007. The anime Tsugumomo has a good addie and some adult content fan service is back with its second season. But apart from the Ichi and fan services content, this series is also well-balanced with a good plot and fight scenes. The first season of this anime was released on April 3rd, 2017 and aired on Animax, BS11, and Tokyo MX.

Where Crunchyroll licensed the series and released it on North America Finland, Latin America, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America Finimation, and called it English.


These stories are about an ordinary boy named Kazuya Kagami, who fell from the roof of his high school and when he thought he was done for her. He was rescued by a mysterious blue-haired young girl dressed in flower-patterned kimono, which looks like a slightly ghostlike entity. Even though the mysterious young girl remembers him, the protagonist Kazuya didn't know who she was.

Later she tells him that the hand-oven is the original composition of pure silk "Sakura pattern" Pocketed Obi, called Sukumogami "Kiriha" that Kabia always stays with him as a reminder of his mother. Kazuya then becomes a servant of Kiriha and embarks on an outward and harem adventure.

Cast and characters

Kajuya Kagami

Seiuu: Yuko Sunpei (in Japanese) and Howard Wang (in English). The leading male character of Kajuya. Cashews will appear as a young male with short brown hair and eyes and light skin. It is also called Tabo Child. He usually wears his school uniform. He is the son of Kanaka and Kazuaki and a younger brother of Kasumi. He works as an outsider in Kamioka under Kimiha, his mother's kimono obi susumogami. He was identified by his sister as Yakkun.

He is often an average teenager without significant traits to distinguish him. He's a pretty normal guy. She is also kind and friendly to people. He is also very brave.


Seiyou: Naomi Ozora (in Japanese) and Sarah Widenhift (in English). The leading female character in Tsugumomo. Cherry blossom (Sakura) patterned hand-woven, a form of pure silk, is a susugamomo that appears from a reminiscence of Kazuya's mother. His real name is Ayasakura. Kimiha is known as Obina when Kimaha attended Kamihoka East Middle School.

She has the same Sakura scent for her OBI. Kiriha appears as a young girl with light blue hair and light skin. She has attention to ears and red eyes. Her outfit is a flower pattern kimono that also includes sandals with OBI and TABY. A pair of red orbs are used to tie her hair to the sides, but sometimes she binds them like a pony-tail. He wears casual clothes or under-kimono, there are times when he is always seen with shirts and panties or shorts.


Chisato Chikashi

Seiyou: Noriko Shibasaki (in Japanese) and Megan Shipman (in English). Chisato is a childhood friend of Kazuya, who also keeps a crush on him. She is also a representative of the class of Kamioka East Middle School 2-2. It has a plain look with braided black hair and thick eyebrows. It may look like a nerdy type, but when she takes off her glasses and pulls her hair together, it is a real beauty.

When she's confused, she always responds with violence except that she is a caring and studious character. Chisato might treat Kazuya harshly and violently, but on the inside he cares. Chisato and Kazuya are childhood friends and played together and were often teased by other children; As a result, Kazuya stopped playing with it. Even after all that, they still keep their dolly finger to them.


Siuu: Yurika Kubo (in Japanese); Apphia Yu (in English) Kukur is also known as Kukurihim; Na Kami is the god of land that protects Kazuana City. She is more powerful than Kirihia in adulthood and specialized in water nets. Her hair is green and blue eyes and she wears orange haori, kimono jacket and black hakama.

He leaves Kajuya and his sister with Kiriha as a lolly and helps with household chores. She is so weak that she was often bullied by Kiriha.

Kanak Kagami

Seiyou: Kotono Mitsubishi (in Japanese) and Brittany Karbowski (in English). Kazuya's mother and previous owner of Obi Sukumogami Kiriha. She is an extraordinary exorcist with immense power, but due to a particular event, it was due to her being a usogi and a weakness in the process.

Her skin is long, curly. She is extremely popular in high school because of her beauty, though not as popular as Kiriha. She has a nipple scar that she found when she was occupied, and Kiriha had to defeat her.


Siuu: Yuko Ono (in Japanese) Azami is a black Obi Sugugomo who was created by Kazuya Kagami. It is divided into sections, and they both work as separate companies, even though they are the same susugamomo. In one particular incident, they both separated where one lives inside Kamioka, and the other kept Kukuri in a messy barrier.

The two Azamis look almost identical in their human form. They look very young with long straight hair and have a menacing face. They have a dark, frightening gaze, which enhances their scary appearance. The one inside Kamioka wears a standard school uniform, while the other is wearing a black kimono with an OBI.



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