Today Amazon Xbox Game Pass Win for PC Quiz Answers – Rs.10,000


    Amazon Xbox Game Pass for PC Quiz Answers, PC Xbox Game Pass for Amazon Quiz Answers Micro .ft Gaming PC: So friends, welcome to this 28th of December. Today we have given you the correct answer to 5 questions for PC Quiz Amazon Xbox Game Pass. You must scroll through this page to see the answers. How many games can be played on Xbox Pass for PC Amazon Quiz

    In the Amazon Xbox Quiz contest, there is a question-and-answer session related to technology. Which is a very good thing. The participant and the winning contestant in this quiz will be given a prize as the winning prize 10,000 .10,000 Pay the balance for 10 winners.

    Today Amazon Xbox Game Pass Win for PC Quiz Answers - Rs.10,000

    Amazon Xbox Game Pass Details for PC Quiz Answers:

    Amazon Quiz Today prize Win 10,000
    Quiz date 30 December
    Daily time 12.00 pm (IST) – 11:59 PM (IST)
    Number of winners: 10 lucky winners
    Winner announcement date Expect 20 January 2021

    How to play Amazon Xbox, pass for PC Quiz answer?

    1. Go to Google Play and Apple Play Store and download Amazon app.
    2. go there Apple Store And Android Play Store.
    3. Open the Amazon app and sign in.
    4. When you open the Amazon app, you'll see a banner of "Amazon Xbox Game Pass for PC Quiz", You have to click on it.
    5. Click the Banner and Star Play Quiz.
    6. Answer all 5 questions.
    7. Wait for the winner to be announced.
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    Is here Microsoft Microsoft Gaming PC Quiz Answer:

    1. Answer – 100+
    2. Answer – Windows 10
    3. Answer – True
    4. Answer – Year 2021
    5. Answer – Just like La Launch Day
    Today Amazon Xbox Game Pass Win for PC Quiz Answers - Rs.10,000

    For PC Quiz Answer Today is Amazon Xbox Game Pass, Answer Win 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance – 28 December 2020

    Q1: How many games can be played on Xbox Game Pass for PC? Amazon Quiz

    a. 10

    B. 30

    C. 50

    D. 100+

    Answer 1: 100+

    Q2: What rating operating system is required to play games in Xbox Game Pass for PC? Amazon Quiz

    a. IOS

    B. Linux

    C. Windows 10

    D. DOS

    Answer 2: Windows 10

    Q3: Asus TUF / Lenovo Legion Gaming PC comes with a free 1-month Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. Amazon Quiz

    a. True

    B. Wrong



    Answer 3: True

    Q4: EA Play Launching on Xbox Game Pass for PC at no extra cost __ Amazon Quiz

    a. Already started

    B. Year 2021

    C. December 2020

    D. Not started

    Answer 4: Year 2021

    Q5: How many days after the launch, new games from Xbox Game Studio for PC are available on Xbox Game Pass? Amazon Quiz

    a. 5 days

    B. 10 days

    C. 15 days

    D. Just like Launching Danny

    Answer 5: Just like La Launch Day

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    Under the terms and conditions, the following winning prizes are explained. In this table the details of the prize are given according to the winner.

    10 winners ₹ 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

    Amazon Micro .ft Gaming PC Quiz Answers T&C

    1. This contest will be held on December 30, 2020 at 12:00:00 (IST) January 12, 2021 at 11:59:59 p.m. Will be available at (IST) ("Contest Period").

    2. To qualify for the contest, during the contest period, you must sign in or sign up from an account Amazon India.

    3. Once you sign-in Amazon India app, You can participate by navigating Official quiz page Where a contest of 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire competition period.

    Thereafter. Then, if you answer all Xbox Game Pass for PC Quiz questions correctly, you will be given a lucky draw that will be completed in the participants who will answer the question correctly.

    The. Upon completion of the contest, all draws will be disqualified and Particip participants will be selected as the winner (s) by a random draw.

    6. The 10 winners declared will qualify for the winner Xbox Game Pass for PC . 10,000 Each (hereinafter referred to as "Prize (s)")

    Each. Each winner (s) will only be eligible to win one prize under this competition.

    8. Each winner must claim the prize under the terms and conditions set forth therein.

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