Tickets for the Coronavirus Star Lindsay Ball Dead (Covid-19) – Fans pay tribute to the ‘SmokinHotZZ’ star


Lindsay Ball, a well-known star on TicketOk, who made the sound " . " on the popular video platform, is dead, affirmed by people on social media. Many of his close relatives have confirmed that he died of coronavirus (Covid-19). It has 231,000 dedicated followers on Tickets and receives 5.5 million likes. Tributes have flooded in from Ticketok fans who described Ball as a beautiful soul and human being, whose videos have a lot of meaning for him. Clayta Mary Wilson wrote on Facebook confirming Ball's death that she had passed away. "I want to thank anyone who has reached out to myself or my family today," he wrote. Sadly, loved ones also wrote on Facebook that Ball's mother, Renee Hilton, had also passed away.

Lindsay Ball to death

The cause of death has not been confirmed. But those close to the ball wrote on Facebook that coronavirus (COVID-19) was a possibility. Her statues have not yet been posted. “Lindsay May is dead with a broken heart. 💔 We'll know for sure after the autopsy, but I'm sure that's it, "Ball's aunt Trudy Rach wrote on Facebook. "We're convinced it was Covid-19 but the autopsy results are needed, as it has no symptoms to make the previous test mandatory."

RIP tribute to Lindsay Ball

  • “Renee Hilton and Lindsay Ann Ball I miss you both! All of this is very unreal to me! I honestly think you couldn't live without each other! I love you both! ❤😭”Wrote one.
  • I thank anyone who has reached out to myself or my family today. We are dealing with an extraordinary set of circumstances and are still trying to capture our current reality. Lindsay Ann Ball was a beautiful person who always looked good in everything and everyone. Unfortunately, the current quarantine issues will not lead to the funeral, but please continue to pray for my father and our family and please hold on to you a little harder … I know I am. If I didn't answer it just because I didn't want to believe this was real. Such a young life is full of promise… .I love little sister… .please meet again now please be my guardian angel…
  • Happy Birthday to Hilton My dear… I know you worried about CC when you left this earth… we can do everything but now keep the house safe with you. We miss you even more than you can imagine. Thanks to my growing up and having my back there, I didn't know I needed it.
    I love you both … on the moon and back. Until we meet again.

  • One fan wrote, "I came from a ticktock as to whether this horrible news is true … my heart is broken and I am sending your prayers and condolences to your family. I love Lindsey. She was just herself and didn't care what the world thought. It made my bad days better. He is a wonderful human being. God bless you. "
  • Fans offer kind words in memory of the ball. Some of them were pending on Wilson's post on Facebook. "I'm sorry for your loss … His tick tox puts a smile on mine and many others' faces." You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, "read one comment.
  • "I'm so sorry 🙁 Lindsay was a wonderful soul, and her videos always make me laugh. I express my condolences to my family," she said in several other comments on social media.
  • "So unbelievably sorry for your loss. Lindsay never fails to put a smile on my face with her videos. Please tell me where I can send a donation in his honor, "read another. “My condolences are to your family. She touched us a lot and made us feel better. She was truly a role model for each of us. We love you and are here for you all ❤, ”Said another comment, showing how much the ball ticket videos meant to people.

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