Ticket OK star Mark Thomas tests positive for coronavirus (COVID 19)


The sensational 19-year-old ticketmaker Mark Thomas is testing positive for the coronavirus and has revealed the details on his official Twitter account. It is important to note that Mark Thomas is very popular on Ticketok and has more than 5 million followers. This is what Mark Thomas said – "Today I can get the results of my exam," he tweeted. “I tested positive for Covid-19. Please don't worry. I'm perfectly fine and I'm fine. I just focus on myself for the moment. All I ask is for positivity and prayer. "On April 3, Thomas informed his followers that he was undergoing a test for the virus. On his 19th birthday, which was March 29, Tho Mus thanked him for the support of his followers. "Sometimes I feel so useless and lonely and you're always there to get my back and support me and I don't get it, I can't thank you enough for all you've done. You are alive to this day for all reasons and I belong to the world for all of you, "he wrote. "What did I do to make your guys eligible?"


Mark Thomas 19 Features and Test Results on Covid

When asked about his symptoms, Thomas said he felt a sense of smell and taste had gone away. He told one of his followers, "I could not taste or smell it for a few days. "I am able to re-smell and taste everything, I am just looking at my health for the next week to make sure I am doing well and I am left. Just be safe. Stay indoors, drink lots of water and eat healthy that you can. "

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