‘The Road to Sita’ – Release Date, Review, Cast, Trailer, Full Movie Plot | 2020 movie


Directed by Praneet, Sita on the Road is an upcoming adventure style Telugu film. ‘Sita The Not The Road’ is on its post-production stage. The film will be released on November 18, 2020 on the OTT platform. The film is made by Priyanka Tata and Pranup Jawahar. Music is by Praneet while Suresh Kumat is in charge of editing. The cinematographer of 'Sita on the Road' is Raj Ananta.

‘Sita on the Road’ movie plot


‘Sita on the Road’ is a women-centric movie. The story of the movie revolves around five girls who decide to take an adventure on a journey. The conspiracy is twisted and they face obstacles and in the meanwhile learn the true meaning of life and discover their true nature.

‘Sita on the Road’ cast members

The movie makers have chosen the best cast that can fit the characters. They have given a marvelous performance on screen. He was selected based on his auditions and previous roles.

  • Kalpika Ganesh
  • Gayatri Gupta
  • Nesa Farhadi
  • Uma Lingaiya
  • Khatera Hakimi

‘Sita on the Road’ movie release date

The Telugu movie 'Sita on the Road' will be released on OTT platform on November 18, 2020. The movie was supposed to be released in theaters but due to the coronavirus lockdown, the producers have decided to release the movie on the OTT platform. The makers of the film have high expectations from the movie. ‘Sita on the Road’ has a sharp visual and great visual impact.



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