The most commonly used ways to clean your lucky airpods


Probably your airpod is cheaper. Sweat, sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze. Cleaning them regularly is helpful, but care must be taken not to damage them. You can do it here for some reason! Apple Paul advises you to wipe your airpods with a "warm, dry, lint-free" cloth and a "hot cotton ton swab" (or Q-tip) to wipe a trash from the speaker grille. Directions remember that AirPods and AirPods Pro are not water resistant, AirPods Pro is somewhat literally waterproof.

The most commonly used ways to clean your lucky airpods

The reality is very different. Gunk is trapped in the air pods and it will still rise against the speaker grille. Over the next few weeks, the hinge location is useless when you usually throw your airpod in your pocket or bag. It is difficult to clean both areas with a single swab and tissue. In their equally dirty case, the hand holding the dirty airpods causes problems. You may also have to clean clean eggs inside charging bays as you can easily get caught in the end of dirt and other guns. Like your iPhone or iPad, the lightning port at the bottom of the device can also be blocked by lint and other debris.

Cleaning of airpods

Earbuds are a sensitive area of ​​your airpods and require great care. Too much stress on the speaker mesh should be avoided. This can only intensify the dirt in the earbud and even completely disperse the speaker grille. You should follow Apple's advice and wipe the outside of earbuds with a soft cloth. You can wet the fabric a little and if you have any fading or stubborn conflicts. Remember to clear your sensor as well

Try clearing the grill area with the Q-tip as Apple Pal suggests. However, if you do not cheat, you will find the greatest success, like a toothpick, with a sharp point target. You can also clean your airpods with the Blue-Tech tool. To do this, take a piece of blue-dress and warm it in your hand or similar reusable adhesive. Move the blue-tech into the mash and quickly remove it.

Do this until all the harshness comes from your airpods. However, be careful not to move the blue-tech too far. The man has a dirty blue-tech and airpod piece in his hand. The Q-tip can be lightly sprinkled with isopropyl alcohol and used to unlock everything in the speaker maze. In a matter of minutes, any remaining alcohol evaporates. In the hands of a man with a spray and a Q-pin.


AirPods Pro Cleaning

The AirPods Pro has silicone tips that make it close to the ears. Such tips can be added to make washing easier. Apple Paul suggests removing them and keeping them underwater until they look new. Even though you re-mount them, let them dry completely.

Don't put yourself underwater AirPods Pro! They are water-absorbent, not water-resistant. After removing the silicone tips, dry or wet cloth airpods pro can be washed quickly. If there is some technology inside the speaker tube, try removing some of the technology. Yet again, clearly stop pressing too hard while washing.

Cleaning the charging socket

The charging case of your airpods can be as thick as your earbuds. The hinge is famously difficult to clean the area around, while the case is terrible for keeping itself dirty and eccentric. The only way to get in the mood is to clean the charging case with a medium or pay-as-you-go bristle toothbrush.


You can spray the brush to remove the stubborn thing. Someone’s hand holds the case of the airpods and wipes the case with a toothbrush. Due to the constant friction as you open and close the case, you find it almost impossible to remove the dirt. If a damp cloth or brush does not work, a strong Q-tip will tear.

Items are not used for cleaning

In short, you can easily clean airpods using alcohol from rags, cotton balls, cue tips, toothpicks, toothpicks, blue cups, wet and isopropyl. However, compressed air, especially around the speaker mesh and the charge port, is one thing you should never use to clean your airpods.

High speed air can kill parts, and consumers have been warned that Apple Pal will not clean any of their products using it. A package, Q-pin, toothpick, blue-tech and dressing lying on the table next to a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Likewise, harsh cleansing, like bleaching, can turn your airpods snow white again and don’t use them.

Conclusion –

Charging dirt cases worth a year is more difficult than cleaning your earpiece and blasting it once a month. Even if you are a particularly heavy user or if you use your airpods while exercising, you can clean it more often.

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