The 10 best alternative site for Putlocker to watch movies online


The 10 best alternative site for Putlocker to watch movies onlineWith the drop in internet data rates, the demand for video streaming sites is high. These days, everyone uses smartphones, and they also have unlimited data with their mobiles. Everyone now uses their smartphones to watch movies and to list music online. Many people want to Watch television serials Even on their mobiles. Now everyone is Digitalization And they love to watch their favorite Movies And TV Serial On their mobiles


There are many applications available on the Internet that provide Video streaming services No cost, and you won’t pay any subscription fee to use the application. Today in this article, we are talking about a famous Free Video streaming sites, That is Putlocker.

Putlocker Movie streaming is a website where you can watch movies online without paying any money. Putlocker Started in 2012, and now it’s a great platform for watching movies online for free. If we are talking about a daily visitor Putlocker, Then 8,000,000 visitors Comes to this website daily. Now the number of visitors is decreasing Putlocker Offline is offline offline via PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) For a little security issue. After being blocked Putlockers In the UK, they changed their domain and came up with a new domain. According to sources, the new domain Putlocker Is “.kz“, Please check that it is working. It was updated in December 2019.


Today in this article, we will talk about how you can use this kind of site Blocked by the government, And what are its alternative ways Putlocker. So we’ve already discussed that there are many sites and applications that offer video streaming service for free, and their subscription fee is zero. Many people don’t know about these sites, so today I’m sharing the details of these sites with you. Please read the entire article as each site has its own specialty, and I will tell you about the feature Alternatives to PutlockerGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

How can you watch a movie online movie from a pirated site:

If you try to open pirated sites on your computer and mobile, it will show that the website is blocked and you cannot use this website. Many people asked this question how could we movies Watch movies online From pirated sites.

In this article today, we will answer you about this question. Our government has blocked this Torrent Sites To prevent piracy as these torrent sites provide us Pirated version of the videoIs, which is illegal. Many people do not understand these things and try again and again, but the Torrent site is working.

If you find that trick useful and want to know after using this tactic, you can watch these torrent sites and your favorite movies on them. Apk VPN The solution to this problem is, yes VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you are a VPN Listen to, then I would like to inform you that VPN There is a technique that is very useful for streaming video to the Torrent site. Vpn Hide your IP and create a virtual environment where you can stream video rentals online on these torrent sites. All you need to do is install the vpn application on your computer and mobile. It’s easy to use, and many vpn applications come for free.


Now I provide here 10 Best Alternative Sites of Putlocker Where you can watch non-video free video online, and you don’t have to pay a dime.

Here is a list of Putlocker’s 10 alternative sites.
1. 123 Movies

123 Movies - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

123 movies There is a video streaming site like Putlocker. It’s very user-friendly, and their interface is easy to understand. Here we want to mention some of the features about 123 moviesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

  • 123 movies The site is designed to suit user needs. It has many videos that you can watch without paying.
  • 123 movies Launched their app for mobile apps, so if you want to watch movies online on mobile you can download this app.
  • 123 movies The site is very simple and categories, so you can easily find your favorite movie here.
  • Installing on mobile phones is very easy because of the file size 123 movies Is less than 3 MB.

There are no restrictions Streaming video, So you can see Unlimited video Over here 123 movies Sites.


At 123 movies Site, you do not need to sing and Registration For Streaming Video. OnlineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

123 movies Always recommend you The right movies Or video according to you Video streaming History.

2. Megashare

Megashare - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

There is another alternative site Megashare. It is very popular in the UK. It’s also Putlocker’s best alternative site.

The main feature of Megashare is that they provide a lot of video quality in their video so you can select any of these video quality formats for streaming video. You can also select video quality based on your internet speed.


If I’m talking about another feature, MegaShare provides us with a very useful feature, “Video subtitles“. Many people like to subtitle while streaming video online, so this is a helpful feature of Megashare too. It’s specifically designed for mobile phone users, so don’t worry and use this app for your entertainment.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix - Putlocker's best alternative site

Popcornflix Is another alternative site Popcornflix. It’s a new site in the market for online offline video streaming, but it’s the best option Putlocker.


The main feature of Popcornflix It’s compatible with your mobile phone or computer. It supports both iOS and Android mobile. And they provide notification services for their users. If a new movie is uploaded Popcornflix, Then you will get a notification Popcornflix app.

They often have older movies in their library, so this is a useful site for these users who want Watch old movies watch onlineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge You do not need to sign up Popcornflix For watching movies onlineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

Pc popcorn time is very old sites and because of its huge collection of movies, people compare popcorn time. Netflix And Amazon Prime Video. Here at popcorn time, you’ll find a huge collection of television shows and movies.

If you would like to watch your favorite and latest TV serials and movies, then you can use this PC time. It is one of the best alternative sites Putlocker.

You can easily find your favorite movies on this Lethal Time because they are very organized and categorize their site. It’s a free video streaming video, so you don’t need to register for it yourself Looking for a movie Online. All you need to do is open a website and find your movie and click on the play button.

5. Rainierland

Rainierland - Putlocker's best alternative site

Rainierland There is also a video streaming site, and we can say that it is also one of the alternative sites Putlocker.

Very few people use it Rainforest Apps and sites because their video quality is not good. They offer the latest movie in MP3 Constitution. If you want to watch a movie to offline on your mobile, that’s fine.

Another key thing about this site is that it uses ads for their revenue, so it’s not good to use it.

6. Fmovies

Fmoviz - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

Now I want to share another Famous Video streaming site, That is Fmovies. It’s a great alternative sites Putlockers, Yes i’m right It’s a great site that offers a lot of movies for you to watch.

That’s the main feature of this site Uploaded video Within a week of the movie being released at the cinema hall. Fmovies People have a very old site and famous sites.

Many people visit this site on a daily basis and enjoy their facilities. Here you can find your movies with their subtitles.

You can select video quality on this Fmovies The site of your choice. It’s a huge one Movie Collection, And you can find current movies, old and new Fmovies.

7. Gomowicz

Gomowicz - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site


Like the movie stream website, Gomowicz Putlocker also has the best alternative site. It also has a collection of movies, and it also offers some features that are useful to their users.

You do not need to register yourself here Streaming video , Nline, and the like Fmovies, It’s an old movie streaming site.

When you visit, you need to be aware of something Gomowicz The site that uses it Unwanted adsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

8. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

Movie watcher There is also a movie streaming site. Like, you can find a lot of movies and song videos on the YouTube here movie site.

The movie viewer is free to use, and you do not need to sign up on this site to watch the movie. It is also Best alternative site Of Putlocker.

Movie watcher They’re a well-organized site, which provides you with a range of movies to find. Another thing that is best for this site is the desktop .p and mobile phones compatible.


Los Movies - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

Los is one of the best sites to watch movies English Movies OnlineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge This website is in English only, and it is Best alternative site Of Putlocker.


The main feature of LOS MOVIES The site that offers the movie in full HD video quality. You can see any of your own Favorite Movies In Full HD online.

LOS MOVIES Sites also use unwanted ads, so you need to be aware of the ad blocsurs in your system.

10. Yes Movies

Yes Movies - Putlocker's Best Alternative Site

Yes movies Even the best Optional site Of Putlocker, And they provide over 10000 movies online for their users.

You can enjoy 10000+ movies online offline In Full HD Yes movies Site. Here you do not need to sign up for streaming offline streaming movies.

If we’re talking about the Yes Movies home page, I’d like to say that the Yes Movies site manages their homepage and well categories their site.


arnkro Never supports a pirated site like this and recommends that you do not use this site for your entertainment and movie downloads. This is just information about these sites so you can be aware of the disadvantages of these sites.

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