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Description Sweet Crossing Snake

It's time to start the race to eat as many sweets as possible. Pick your favorite cute animal and start playing! Sweet Crossing Snake IO is a fun game that anyone can easily play and blast!


Who are you waiting for You too can now have fun by downloading Sweet Crossing Snake IO for Android!

Sweet features

  • Easy to control gameplay. No lag or drops in frame rate while you play!
  • Increase your animal's trail by eating sweets. Continue to eat a variety of delicious foods to enhance your animal’s way.
  • Unlock lots of beautiful and attractive skins for your "snake". You can buy different skins from many different types of animals, all equally adorable. It's just a matter of which one you choose to use.

Sweet-crossing-snake.io-apk-latest version

  • Cut it out to start your competition. To win, you have to keep growing more and more, until you are older. Easier said than done, though.
  • Adorable graphics of all the different animals and fruits, anyone wants to keep playing.

If you’re ready for it, check your luck and start eating!

Sweet Crossing Snake IO Mode APK Free Download


You can also download Sweet Crossing Snake.Up APK. The latest version to enjoy your experience extra! Instead of constantly playing with the sole purpose of unlocking more content, you can skip this altogether.


What we mean is, with this modified file, you can:

This will additionally give you access to all the money you need in the game. So go ahead and buy all the fun and beautiful skins you need from the start. Nothing stops you from enjoying the fullness of the game anymore.

Go ahead, download Sweet Crossing Mode APK for Android and enjoy the game the way it should be!

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