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Description Square Bird

Some addictive games have simple platform games where you just have to go through various easy levels by overcoming challenges and sometimes fighting with the boss. Square Bird is similar to this, but unique at the same time.


For this game you need to lay eggs so that you can jump over obstacles. It sounds weird – it's pretty weird – and that's about it.

After all, not so easy

You will be mistaken if you think this game will be easy. Square Bird is really very difficult to master. You will need to use calculation tricks and you will need to be very careful that your egg tower does not come off while you are building.


Once you get to the obstacle, you will make sure that you land only when you jump down on the grass. If only this bird could fly, then?


If you make three full landings on the grass, then you will activate the Square Bird Fever mode. This means that your bird will be able to pass through obstacles more quickly and easily by becoming straight up beds.


Try to go through all the obstacles without too much difficulty and you will get a perfect score for that level. It's very addictive – you'll be playing it all day.

Download Square Bird APK mode now to make the most of the game with special bonuses. It's free and easy – let's go!

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