Sky Roller Mod APK 1.17.10 (Unlock All Skin, No Ads) Free Download


Developed by Homa Games, Sky Roller APK is a simple endless runner game where you roller skate over the city while trying to collect diamonds for extra points. The game is so simple and fun that anyone can enjoy it. It’s one of those games that you choose and just play. The challenge is fun, but the game is not too difficult so even the youngest players can enjoy it.

Information of Sky Roller Mod APK 1.17.10

Name Sky Roller
Compatible with 5.0
Latest version 1.17.10
Developer Homa Games
Google play link com.topchopgames.skyroller
Price Free
Size 95.20 MB
Category Arcade

There aren’t many games that let you be free as Sky Roller APK. This sport is a must have for anyone who likes skating, roller skating or surfing. Your character will skate the celestial side roller and you have to use your finger to make sure they don’t come down from the edge.

The game is simple and addictive – you can play it for an hour or more at a time if you are not careful. The graphics are very simple and use a minimalist design to make the skyline stand out against the background of the pink sky. The night sky makes the city come alive because you can put roller skates on it.

Sky roller playing tips

As with any sport, if you have an idea of ​​what to expect, you’ll be better off playing it. Here are some tips to help you understand how to master this simple and addictive Android game.

At the beginning of the game, you will need to gain an understanding of how quickly your character can maneuver – especially how quickly you can spread their legs and put them back together, as this will be necessary to avoid a lot. Game Obstacles.

Once you get stuck in this, then you have to try to focus on what is coming on the next track. Of course, you will need to master the controls before you can focus on your character so you can confidently avoid obstacles in close range.


Don’t focus too much on diamonds. While collecting diamonds will earn you more points, it will also distract you from adopting a safe route. You should consider the diamonds a bonus first, and then once you have mastered the control of the game, then you can take more risks and put yourself in more danger to collect more.

You can also see ads to get more diamonds, which you can then use to unlock new characters and other cool features. Of course, ads are annoying, so if you turn off your Wi-Fi, you don’t have to watch it play out after the end of each level. However, if you want to get easy currency in the game, watching a few ads won’t hurt you much.

Makes the study perfect. Like anything in life, the more you play, the more chances you have of scoring. If you play Sky Roller APK a lot, then you’ll get better at it faster, so keep getting that perfect score.

Sky Roller Mod APK – Unlock all skins, no ads

If you just want to enjoy the game and play with different characters, you can always download unlimited gems, unlock all the skins, collect diamonds or get more cash without risking getting lost on the track by boring yourself No ads for. Death-watching ads. It’s free and easy.



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