Siddhanta Mahapatra Biography, He Height, Age, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Wiki


Hey friends, I welcome you to this article, today you are the superstar of the Hollywood industry. And I'll tell you about the superstar Siddhanta Mahapatra. I hope you like this article. If anyone watches an Oriya movie, it will be information about superstar Siddhant Mahapatra. Against their movies and their style, good actors fail, they entertain people with a unique and new style in every movie. He acted in Oriya movie in the year 27. He made his Oriya film debut in 1993 Tribute, In this movie, Lekha Nanda, Which was the female main character. Both her father and mother are doctors. He is the most popular actor in the industry, who has given many superhit films to the film industry. So let us tell you a little bit more information right now, which includes Principle Molecular Biography, Song, Wife, Girlfriends, Political, Instagram, Photo, Height, Age, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Wiki.

Siddhanta Mahapatra Biography, He Height, Age, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Wiki

Siddhant is as good an artist as being a good man, and he has donated to many NGOs. The less you talk about them the less you feel. He was a Member of the Lok Sabha of India from 2009 to 2019. The most followed artists in the Hollywood industry. Her fans love her very much. More than 150 Oriya movies have done this. Apart from this he has also acted in Bengali films.

Siddhanta Mahapatra Biography and Wiki

Siddhanta was born on May 4, 1966 in Brahmapur, Odisha, India to a Brahmin family. Is his father's name Manmohan Mohapatra Dr. And his mother's name is Kanak Mahapatra, they are both doctors. He attended his school at St. Vincent's Convent School, Bahraham. This is an undergraduate. Studied Commerce in D.D. K College Ledge, Keonzar. He completed his master's degree in Marketing and Marketing at the Institute of Marketing, Delhi. He has made many achievements in his life. This is an actor who is very stylish. He is a good actor in the Hollywood industry.

Some of the movies in the Lywood industry are still on record, yet no Oriya movie has broken it. He has consistently set a record for making superhit movies. He is an actor as well as a film director, a politician. The iodia movie Godfather released in 2017 broke the record for the best film. It has become the highest grossing movie.

Birth name Siddhanta Mahapatra
Occupation (s) Actor, model, director and politician
Famous roles Dharma Ra Heba Jaya (2005)

Personal life

birth date May 4, 1966
Age (as of 2020) 54 years
Place of birth Brahmapur, Odisha, India
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality Indian
Hometown Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
College Ledge / University D.D. K College Ledge, Keonzar
Educational Qualification Bachelor (com graduate)
Religion Hinduism
Race Brahmin
School St. Vincent's Convent School, Berhampur
Debut Tribute in 1993
Interests and hobbies Travel, reading and part
Social media ✅Instagram, ✅Facebook ✅ Twitter

Physical appearance and more

Principle A good actor as well as a good person. He has kept himself fit for every movie. If we take a look at his movie, he is the first actor to make a new identity as a bodybuilder actor in the first livewood industry. He is a fit and stylish actor, his height is 6.2 inches and weight is 74 kg, besides his hair color is black and his eye color is black. Siddhanta Mahapatra Biography

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He height (approx.) .2.5 inches
Weight (approx.) 74 kg
Hair colors Black
Eye Colors Black
The size of the shoes 10.8 U.S.

Siddhanta Mahapatra Family and Relationship

Talk about Siddhanta Mahapatra Family, is his father's name Manmohan Mohpatra, Dr. And his mother's name Kanak Mohapatra, They are both doctors. He has a brother by that name Chittan Ranjan Mohapatra. Siddhanta Mohapatra's affairs are coming up with an Indian actress Rachna Banerjee. He hid his love story in front of people. They later married, but did not last long, and divorced in 2004. He married her Mama Mishra, Leaving him with two children, Pronil Basu, Sai Samarth Mohapatra. Split with Mama Mishra in 2004. Siddhanta Mahapatra Biography

Father Manmohan Mohapatra Dr.
Mother Kanak Mohapatra
Wife Mama Mishra (b. 2004), Rachna Banerjee (b. 2004)
Children Son: Pronil Basu, Sai Samarth Mohapatra
Married status Married
Brothers Chittan Ranjan Mohapatra
Matters / Girlfriends Mama Mishra in 2002
Banerjee formed in 204

Siddhanta Mahapatra Lifestyle

Siddhant's lifestyle is quite a luxury, he has acted in more than +150 movies. His more tar film is going to be a super hit. He is a successful politician with a successful actor. He has a car, Udi D, BMW, And sport bikes Royal Enfield, Hayabusa. He has 4BHK Luxury House in Bhubaneswar. Also, his home is in Brahmapur, Odisha.

Siddhanta Mahapatra Bike


Siddhanta is known in the Hollywood industry for her acting and dance style, even today no one can dance like her and give style too. Odia made her film debut in 1993 with a tribute. He played a supporting role in this movie. In this film he showed the magic of his acting. After this film, he gave many superhit movies in which Bhai Hela Bhagari, Bo, Bahudibe Mo Jaga Baliya, Chaka Chaka Vanari and Dharma Ra Heba Jaya Movie included. People loved him a lot because of this superhit movie and people started liking his movie a lot.

This is a returned actor, even today his films are super hits, so many stars and super stars are unable to do so. Like his 2017 release, Godfather broke all records. Anything that will be appreciated for them will be less.

Political career

Siddhanta is a skilled politician in addition to an actor. They fight for the public interest. From 2009 to 2014, he was a Member of the Lok Sabha Parliament of India.

Awards and achievements

From 2000 to 2011, he has won the Odisha State Film Award seven times.

Sindura Nuh Ghela Ghara 2000
Mo Kola to Zulana 2001
Pua mora jagatjita 2002
Hell is heaven and hell 2003
Om Santi Om 2004
Chalijib by Shashu 2005
Ka ka ka ka 2011

Siddhanta Mahapatra IV Worth

Siddhant has done many films and has been a judge of TV shows, for which he is paid a lot of money. Apart from this he has also been a member of BJD, people like him very much. They own every home and BMW car. If we want Siddhanta Mahapatra IV Worth Luxury lifestyle, then it can have networth ranging from .00 40.00 crore to .00 65.00 crore.

Celery 00 3.00 lakh – 00 10.00 lakh * Approx
Seed Mohanty Net Worth .00 40.00 Crore – .00 65.00 Crore * Approx

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