Shaadi Mubarak 28th January 2021 Written Update: Katie Changes Preity's Feelings


Shaadi Mubarak 28th January 2021 Written update on

The episode begins with Katie Making pair up for a singing competition with Kusum and sits down with her enthusiastically. Each person settles in their place and then starts playing Kusum. He sings enthusiastically while Arjun, Katie, Juhi dance on him with Kujum. Everyone enjoys their performance and applause. Next Shivraj sang a thrilling song towards Neelima while Sneha and Sushant Neelima stand in front of Shivraj. They enjoy their performances and make fun of them.

Katie sings ahead and get excited impressing everyone. Then everyone tells Preeti to sing while Katie encourages her. He says that he wants to confess the feelings of his heart through this song and starts singing "Tuzme Rab Dikta Hai". He gets it too and moves towards Katie without breaking eye contact while Kusum moves from her place and to the side. Preeti sits next to Katie and looks at her hand in her eyes and continues to sing as she freezes in her place. As soon as the song was over, everyone applauded for Preeti.

Kusum turns off the light fuse at the time when Neelima asks the servant to check. Katie gets bored saying that she will try to repair it and falls in love with Preeti.

Priyanka on the other hand goes to one side with Neil and is happy with how Preeti bravely confessed her feelings in front of everyone. He says his story is very similar to Preeti and smiles looking at Neil. He says that at the same time they are both in love and embarrassed when Neil doubts his decision to marry Shikha that it will ruin all three lives as he only loves Priyanka.

Katie looks at the switch board while Preeti confesses her love for him through her poetic lines. She looks at him as she makes her heart flow emotionally. He says that he fell in love with her when she was acting in love with him in front of Nandini. "Yeh moh moh ke dhage bhajve che" She says that her caring nature, the way she talks and everything about her has made her fall in love. She says she will accept whatever her decision will be and leaves when Katie looks at her.


Preeti gets restless and shares her panic with Kusum. She says she has confessed her feelings but now she feels fear when Kusum encourages her and is happy to look at her.

Katie thinks about Preeti’s confession sitting in Betty when Preeti comes there and sits with her. He says he knows she doesn’t love him because he already told her that but there is no restriction for unilateral love. She says she will keep him lovable and he does not need to reciprocate towards her. She looks down when Katie was going to say something while the kids playing around were telling her to keep it totally and not disturb them. Preeti and Katie look in front of him.

Katie gets the idea to see him playing dumb chardes and walks over to him. He persuades them to let him work and starts performing. He signs them something while Preeti correctly guesses it as "I love you". He goes near it and points out that there is no movie by name, for which K.T. Says there is a film with this name on him and Preeti. She sings to him that she also loves him when she gets stunned and looks ahead.

Prep: – Preeti smiles with tears and shows Katie her happiness, while he holds her hand and says that she can do anything to see him smile. Neelima on the other hand is happy to know about Katie’s love for Preeti and Katie listens to them and advises them to take the next step in their relationship when they become numb.

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