Sani Kaidhidham release date, cast, plot and everything else | 2020


Sani Kaiidham is the next Tamil film starring Selvargavan and Kirti Suresh in significant roles. The film is expected to be a thriller and Arun Matheswaran plays the director of the film. Screen Scene is the producer of the film. Sani Kaidham is based on real life events that took place in the 1980s.

The makers of the film have released a first look through a poster indicating that the film is a typical killer drama. National award winner Kirti Suresh is going to come up with another provocative character. In the poster, the actor, Suresh and Selvargavan are seen facing some thugs with a weapon in their hands.

Sani Kaiyadham Publication Date

At the time of writing, the release date of the film is not known. However, the film will hit theaters sometime in 2021.


Sani Kayadham Cast & Crew

As mentioned earlier, Arun Matheswaran handles the role of director of the film. The story is curated by the director himself while the cinematography of the film is by Yamini Yajnam Murthy. Also the editor of the film is Naguran.

Sani Kayadham Songs Update

The lyrics of the film are yet to be unveiled. Fans are eagerly waiting to dance to the tune of the film.

The best thing about the film is the well-known director, Selvargavan is trying his hand as an actor. Selvargavan is the elder brother of superstar Dhanush. Selvargavan 7 / G is a acclaimed film director from Rainbow Colony and Pudhupetai.



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