Salman Khan Movies By Office Fish Collection, hit or flop and verdict


Salman Khan Movies Office Fish Collection: This is a superstar who is most liked in India and who is making the most money for any film. Will definitely know about all the people inside India Salman KhanGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Because this star specializes in attracting people to himself with good acting. So today I'm going to tell you about it Box office collection Of Salman Khan movie As well Hits and flops And Judgment Of the film.

Salman Khan Which has a full name Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan Who is the son of salim khan. He is a businessman and also an actor, director, writer and producer. Salman Khan was born 27 December 1965 In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. His study is at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Talking about Salman Khan's Professional, he is also an Actor, Producer, Assistant Singer and Television Host. He has given the Bollywood industry 30 years. He has also won many awards this year. Salman Khan played a supporting role in such a movie in 1988. If you have a wife,General Chat Chat Lounge I loved you The director of the film, which was released in 1989 The sun burst, Who took Salman Khan for the lead role of the film.

After this movie was hit, Salman Khan Started getting more films in which he could work. From Hum aapke hai kaun To Tiger Zinda Hai, He has played his best in all the films so far. 2017, Salman Khan celebrated Being a Human FoundationWhich can meet education and health care needs. In 2015, after drinking alcohol, 5 people were crushed by a car.

Salman Khan Movies By Office Fish Collection, hit or flop and verdict
Salman Khan Movies By Office Fish Collection, hit or flop and verdict

Salman Khan Movies By Office Fish Collection, hit or flop and verdict

Salman Khan has worked in many superheat films which have earned box office fees. In which BAggie: Rebel for love, Stone or flower, Sanam Bevafa, And SacrificeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Such as the film included. He worked with Sanjay Dutt And Madhuri Dixit Romantic and in drama Surgeon Movie. From 1994 to 2009, all the movies that K Salman Khan The bucks are running very well at the office fee. In 2009 it was a good success. Through which more and more people started liking him, all his movies, he was making more than that General Chat Chat Lounge 100 cr. Within a year.

The Dabangg 2 film, released in 2012, was made under Arbaaz Khan Production banner, a remake of the Telugu movie. Saved it 2.5 billion Which is Surrey Global's office office collection. In 2015, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, whose office will be included in the office fee collection 84 1.84 billionGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Talking about Salman Khan's collection of films, he has been around the world 83 5.83 billionGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Which of India's top stars has a collection of movies? Salman Khan Verdict.

Salman Khan Office Office Office Fish Collection

So now I am going to inform you about Salman Khan's office office office collection. I hope you like this post. Salman Khan Verdict.

Dabangg 3 20-Dec-2018 0 230.98Cr Super hit
Race 3 15-June-18 9 169 C.R. On average
Tiger Zinda Hai 22-Dec 17 40 340Cr Blockbuster
Lightning rod 23-June-17 1 121Cr On average
Sultan 6-July-2016 1 301Cr Blockbuster all the time
Bajrangi Bhaijaan 17-Jul-2015 6 626Cr Blockbuster all the time
Kick July 25-July 14 5 225.1 C.R. Super hit
A tha tiger 1-Aug Gust-12 10 310 C.R. Blockbuster all the time
Bodyguard 31-Aug Gust-11 General Chat Chat Lounge 250Cr Blockbuster all the time
Ready June 3-June 11 7 187Cr Blockbuster all the time
required 18-Sep-09 C 120Cr Blockbuster
Spouse 20-Jul-07 C 101Cr Super hit
No entry 26-Aug Gust 2005 General Chat Chat Lounge 79.85Cr Super hit
how are you brother 10-Sep-1999 C 21 CR On average
Karan Arjun 1995 2 532Cr Blockbuster all the time
London Dreams 30-Oct Quito-2009 General Chat Chat Lounge 41 C.R. Flop
If you have a wife, 22-Aug Gust 1988 C 22 CR On average
Mrs. Khanna of Mainur 16-Oct Quito-2009 C 25 CR Flop
Yuvraj 21-November-2008 2. 31.2Cr Flop
Heroes 24-Oct Quote-2018 .2 13.25 Cr. Flop

Salman Khan hits that flop

Salaam-e-Ishq 25-January 2007 C 52Cr Hit
Babul 8-Dec 06 C 18 CR Flop
Jan-e-man 20 – Quo-06 C 47 CR Flop
Shadi kareke fash yaar 4-Aug Gust 2006 .2 5.2 C.R. Flop
Kyonki 3-Nov-2005 6 546Cr All Time Blockbuster
Main pyaar kun kia 15-Jul-2005 .9 55.98 C.R. Super hit
Lucky No Time for Love 8-Apr-2005 C 14 CR Hit
Dil ne jesse apna kaha September 10, 2004 C 14 CR Flop
Fir milange 13 200 Gust 200 .4 5.4 C.R. Flop
I will marry you 30 July 2004 .5 56.5 C.R. Hit
Proud of 9 July 2004 C 20 CR Hit
Gardening 3 Oct Quote 2003 General Chat Chat Lounge 41 C.R. Hit
Your name 15 Aug Gust 2003 .5 24.54 Cr. Hit
Yeh hai jalwa 3 July 2002 General Chat Chat Lounge 5 cr. Flop
Hum tumhare hai sanam May 24, 2002 General Chat Chat Lounge 38 C.R. Super hit
Tumko's mistake 22 February 2002 C 17 CR Flop
Steal steal silently March 9, 2001 .3 18.34 Cr. On average
Where is your beloved? 17 November 2000 .6 6.69 C.R. Flop
Every heart will love you 4 Aug Gust 2000 General Chat Chat Lounge 33 C.R. Hit
Move my brother May 5, 2000 C 22 CR Hit

So, let me give you some information about the records Salman Khan, After which you will get complete information. Salman Khan Movies have broken many Bollywood records, which very few people have been able to do. Salman Khan Verdict.

  • Most 100 Cr Earnings Movies (5 Films)
  • Back to Back All Time Blockbuster Movies
Flop / Disaster 12 films flop
Average / above average / average 4 films on average
Hit / Super hit / Semi hit 14 films hit
Blockbuster / Blockbuster all the time 8 movies blockbuster
Success ratio 65%

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