Robert Budget, Office X Office Fees, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story


Robert Full Movie 2020

YOU may have seen many films. But now what am I going to tell you, maybe you have never seen this, so let us know what we are saying. So today we are going to talk about film Robert. This better film has proved to be for you. So let us know, without delaying the budget of this film with the star cast Robert Budget, Office x Office fees, hits or flops, cast, release and story I'll tell you. Robert Full Movie.

Darshan is working in the lead role of this movie, which makes this film even more excellent. At the same time, the star is working as a director, producer and actor of a Kannada film. Superstar Darshan has done many superhit movies. They have also shown their fire in Kannada in the south.

Robert Budget, Office X Office Fees, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story

Robert's Movie is an action movie from the sandalwood industry, made in Kannada language. Which superstar Darshan Thugudip is doing. If we talk about its budget, we have not got accurate data about it. But we can tell you that there will be one Budget Of ₹ 19 C.R. To make it almost.

Robert Budget, Office X Office Fees, Hit or Flop, Cast, Release and Story

So the shopper's time is to tell you about the star cast and crew member of the movie Robert. So let's find out. Apart from all this, I will also give you some interesting news about this movie.

The film is directed by Tarun Sudhir and produced by Umapati Srinivasa Gowda under the banner of Umapati Films. The production company has been producing his movie for many years.

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Star cast and crew members

Being an action movie, it has many good actors, including Darshan, Asha Bhatt, Jagpati Babu, Ravi Kishan, and P. It’s about a star like Ravi Shankar. To make this movie even better, Rajun Janya has given his own music in it, which is a composer, a well known music director of Kannada industry.

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.. Release 19 March 2020
2. Star cast Darshan Thugudip, Jagpati Babu, Asha Bhat
3. Director Tarun Sudhir
4 Author Tarun Sudhir
5. Style Action
6. Based on N / A.
7. Estimated budget ₹ 19Cr – ₹ 40Cr. (Cost + Publicity)
8. B Office X Office Fees Domestic: N / A,
Worldwide: N / A,
9. Industry / Language Sandalwood / Kannada
10. Creators Umapati Srinivasa Gowda
11. Production company Films from Umap
12. Story and tagline Story-line: If we talk about his story, it's a bit like KGF. The level in them is seen as light. It goes the wrong way to save the poor and the innocent. From where he can never come back. In this, Darshan is seen fighting with some angry people to make his dream come true.
13. Trailer / teaser
14. Through music Director: Arjun Janya
Songs: Ravikumar.b
Company: Umapathi Films
15. Songs and singers Jai Shriram | Robert 2nd song

Ba Ba Ba Na Ready | Robert first song

16. Hit or flop Coming soon

I’ve told you about the Robert movie star cast, I’ve told you what you said and you’ll love it. Robert Full Movie.

Robert Teaser Reviews

Now we will talk about the review of the trailer of this movie. After this, you may have all the information about this topic. So let us know without delay. What can we see in these trailers?

One of the Kannada superstars is Darshan Thugudip who is playing the lead role in this movie. He has acted in many films which have become superhits. The movie in which this star works becomes a super hit because of her fans.

His fan following is in the social media of millions of people who like him very much. Its effect is also seen in tasers. When its teaser was released, it was immediately followed by millions of views. The effect of this movie is being seen in people. Robert Budget.

Social media reviews

One way to filter any movie well is through social media revives. So to know more about this movie, let me give you some information about some social media users. After this, you can get a piece of good information.

Robert hit or flop

I think you got some information about this action movie. So let’s talk about its hits and flops. Hits and flops are based on the budget of any movie and its box office fee collection as well as story and star cast. If all four of its parts are true, then this film could also prove to be a superhit on Robert B's office x office fees.

Robert hit or flop Coming soon

As I do, you should have gotten some information after this tweet, if you liked this post you must share our page, then friends by friends. Robert Budget. Robert hit or flop.

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