RIP Matt Holzman – KCRW’s renowned host Matt Holzman died of cancer


Matt Holzman is a renowned radio jockey and has long been part of the KCRW radio channel. Matt Holzman is the host of the KCRW radio channel and is also the curator of "Matt Movies", he passed away on Sunday 12 April 2020. Matt is also known for producing "documents". Holzman, originally from Long Beach, California, graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in computer science. After a brief stint working in the corporate world in Chicago, he moved back to the Los Angeles area and began working at a small radio station as the original board operator.

Matt Holzman died of cancer but he has fought and conquered other diseases in the past. He successfully underwent a kidney transplant in 1996. On the KCRW website, Jennifer Farrow wrote a tribute, “The news of her cancer diagnosis last night was shocking. Definitive and unforgiving, there was not much else to say about it. He handled it with such openness. He was scared and worried about being sick again – like he was in years of dialysis – about the death part. "

KCRW Station shared this heartbreaking message on its channel: "A dear member of our KCRW family has passed away today. Matt Holzman dedicated his life to KCRW and helped shape it into a public radio station we all love. His impression will not be forgotten.
It is in the voices that imitate him, the creators he trains, and the people who draw them to him are like magnets. We will miss his voice, his stories, and the way he shares his passion with audiences everywhere. Rest in Peace, Matt. "


The Independent Documentary Association tweeted, "We are very sorry to hear about the passing of @ KCRW @ KCRW_mut." Matt Holzman has been a longtime dear friend and champion of documents at IDA. We will miss you, rest in peace, on our programs and radio. "

Here is a tribute from celebrities and friends for Matt Holzman

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