Rebel 3B Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3 and Budget Screen [2020]


Rebel 3b Office X Office Fee Collection Day 3: Are you looking for Baagi 3 Day 3B Office X Office Fee Collection? So shoppers today, I am going to inform you about the collection on the third day of Baagi 3.. After this, you can get a good idea about the third day of the collection of this film. Rebel 3 budget.

You will know how much collection this film has made in its first day, which has a net collection . 17.50Cr. After a very good collection on the first day, its tickets are still not available in theaters. Why people are watching it so much has been kept housefull so far.

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So far, Baagi has collected 3B box office fees . 34.50Cr. She made a great collection .00 17.00Cr Its the next day. The way Baagi is heading towards the collection. This figure will be exceeded . 100 C.R. Just in his week. What is the dream of every film? So now we will talk about the collection on the third day of Baagi 3 can collect 19.00Cr On its third day, it is being imposed. It could be more than this.

India Net Collection 3 days ₹ 53.50 crore 3-day worldwide collection 83.00 crore
Overseas collection 3 days ₹ 20.00 crore India's total collection of 3 days ₹ 63.00 crore

The rebels occupied 3 main regions in 3 days

Talk about business, then I give you a piece of good information about the business of Baagi 3. After this, you can get the right information about booking a show for this movie. Business as of March 08, 2020 is said to be 18% to 50%.

Budget and screen

Baagi 3's office x office fee collection and weekends you will know. So, let me give you information about the budget and screen of the film. After this, you will find all the information about this topic. Rebel 3 Has collected India Net Collection . 53.50Cr till now. And it has completed a worldwide collection .00 83.00Cr. To make this movie, the cost of . 70Cr Is set. Rebel 3 budget.

Budget Price of C 70Cr
Screen Show 5,131

Hit or flop

If we know about Baagi 3 hits or flops, then everyone wants to know about the hits and flops of the film. So for this, I tell you this movie will be a hit or a flop. You may know that it is going to be released in many theaters. And looking at her budget, it looks like she's going to be a superhit. It contained a collection of office x fees . 53.50Cr On its third day.


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