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Ration Card Assam – How to apply for a new ration card, what documents are required for this. And how to download ration card details online, I will give you all this information in the article.

Many people in Assam want to apply for a new ration card. But they did not get the correct information. So today through this article you will know how ration card is allotted. And what is the application process for ration card?

You all know about ration card information. Let me remind you about this again.

What is Assam Ration Card?

Ration card is a government document also known as family identity. And with the help of this card, the public gets many facilities. And the benefits of many schemes are extended only to ration card holders.

With the help of this card, people can buy daily essential food subsidy from their nearest food supply store.

In Assam, rice, flour, kerosene, sugar and many other products are subsidized under this card. There is also a shop called Amar Dukan from where the public can buy any goods as a subsidy.

Types of ration cards in Assam

There are three types of ration cards in Assam which are mentioned below –

  1. APL (above the poverty line)
  2. BPL (below poverty line)
  3. Beneficiaries under AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) PDS / TPDS

Apart from this, there is another ration card in Assam, it is known as Mukhyamantri Anna Suraksha Yojana in Assam.

But as per the rules of National Food Security Act 201, only two types of ration cards have been issued to people in the state. There are two types of cards –

  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card
  2. Priority Household (PH) Ration Card

Currently, those who are being given ration cards are given only two types of ration cards in Assam. If any person applies for a new ration card in Assam, that card will be given to them according to the eligibility of both the cards.

What are these two types of ration cards in Assam?

What are these two types of ration cards and what are their benefits, let us know the full details.

Priority Household (PH) Ration Card: Preference is given to families who meet the eligibility criteria set by the state government. And if we talk about the benefits of this card – each priority household member is entitled to 5 kg of grain per member.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card: Antyodaya (AAY) Ration Card is given to "the poorest of the poor" families. And there’s the advantage of this card – every AAY household is entitled to 35 grams of grain.

What is One Nation One Ration Card in Assam?

If we talk about it in simple language – as you know, for two-three years, the ration card is said to be attached to the Aadhaar card. And has also begun its proceedings.

This means – a person who already has a ration card if he goes to Assam or any other state from his own state. Then they will not have to create a ration card again.

This means that if the person has a ration card made in Assam, he can go to another state and buy subsidized food from a food supply store under NFSA. This One Nation One Ration Card has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

No need to create a new ration card, no need to do paperwork again. Because their ration card is linked to Aadhaar card and through this they can easily get their subsidized food items from FCS shop. So the biggest beneficiaries will be the poor migrant workers.

Who can apply for Ration Card in Assam?

If you want to apply for Ration Card Assam, you should have the following qualifications.

  • The head of the family can apply for a ration card.
  • The annual income of the family should be less than 100000.
  • If there is no female head member in the family, the male head can apply for it in these circumstances.
  • If you do not have a ration card, you will need to get a certificate from the village / town head.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Assam.

What documents are required to apply for a new ration card in Assam?

To apply for ration card in Assam, the applicant should have the following documents.

  • Detailed details of family members.
  • Birth certificate of small family members.
  • Voter list as per the year mentioned in the application form.
  • Receipt of land revenue payment or receipt of tax payment.
  • Proof of address
  • Photos of all family members.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Village Headman Certificate.

How to apply for a new ration card in Assam?


Online application for new ration card in Assam has not started yet. So you have to apply offline for ration card. Now I will tell you the whole process of new ration card offline fly application process.

Apply Ration Card Assam

To apply offline fly, you will need this Ration card Assam application form. This form is called Form-C, the download link of which is given below.

If you have the above eligibility and documents, you can apply for a new ration card.

To apply for a new ration card, you have to fill up Form C and submit all the above mentioned documents along with it to the District FCS and CA Authority.

This will be verified after you submit your application. And if you are eligible, you will be given one of the two categories of ration cards mentioned above.

How to download details of current ration card holder family in Assam?

If you have a ration card and you want to print all the details of your ration card, which is actually mentioned in government papers. To do this, follow the steps below.

You can download your ration card details by village and you can download your family details with photos. If you want, you can download according to the FCS dealer.

Download or print your ration card details according to your village merchant.

  • First, you have to click on this link.
  • Now select your district, subdivision, circle and village from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on View Report to get your ration card details.
  • After clicking on View report, you can also see the name of the ration card holder along with the details of your village wise ration card.
  • If you want to download and print all this data, then click on the selected format as shown in the photo.
  • After this, click Export and your file will start downloading.N.F.S.A. Details

So this way, the ration card details are downloaded. If you want to download the ration card details according to your family, click on this link and re-download your ration card details as mentioned above.

How to apply for a separate ration card in Assam?

If you want to get a ration card in your name. Or your family has your name in the ration card and wants to separate that name from the ration card. So that you can get your ration card in your name. Follow the steps below to do this.Separate Assam

The following documents are required to separate the ration card –

  1. Original surrender certificate.
  2. Original Parent Ration Card.
  3. Self-declaration.
  4. Certificate of village headman.
  5. No objection certificate from the head of the family.
  6. Proof of date of birth.
  7. Proof of residence.
  8. Proof of identity.

Fill in Form C with all these documents and submit to the District Authority.

Some information regarding Assam Ration Card

  • If any ration card holder moves from Assam to another state for any reason, their name will be removed from the ration card.
  • If one's ration card is lost, the cardholder must notify the district authority through an immediate application.
  • Ration card should be held only by the ration card holder.
  • If a family member dies and whose name is included in the ration card, the cardholder must apply to the District Officer for the names of those members.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ration Card Assam

Can I add more family members to Assam Ration Card?

Yes, you can include your family members in Assam Ration Card by filling up Form C.

Can I change my address on the ration card?

Yes, you can change your address in Ration Card.

How to apply for a new ration card in Assam?

Yes, now you can apply for new card in Assam. If you qualify, you will be given a new ration card, as discussed in detail in the article above.

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