Rainy Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast Announced!


Monsoon is a new feeling in Mumbai, it is more of a spirit. Anyone living in Mumbai will clearly highlight the difference between Mumbai and nowhere else. The sky sinks as many fall in love. By Ekta Kapoor Barish has caught the bloom of love as the sky releases the most romantic element, the first season was cheesy and romantic, the second season thunders due to bad talk of rain.

Barish starred Asha Negi and Sherman Joshi in the lead roles. The web series marks the digital entry of both Negi and Joshi. The first season premiered in 2019. Barish discovered the journey after meeting two complete strangers from different economic and cultural backgrounds. Rainy Season 2 was released on May 6, 2020.

That compelling story has again attracted the attention of loyal viewers as well as new audiences. Viewers are now eagerly awaiting Barish Season 3 and if all goes well it should be released in 2021.

Rainy Season 3 Trailer

Anuj and Gaurvi try to experience the true happiness found with the relationship. But unlike the first season, this time they express more about their love and it works wonders for them. But every love story has its set of difficulties. Anuj and Gaurvi reclaim their old lifestyle but keep growing by keeping the puzzle pieces together.

A storm soon breaks out in heaven, to the point that the couple decides to divorce. He gets a relationship counselor in Jituji (Jitendra). The approach to romance is more agile in the second season. There is no announcement of the next season now that the next season 2 has been released.

Watch Season 2 Trailer Until Season 3 Trailer Releases:

Rainy Season 3 Plot

Every story has a point of view. The first season was described from a proud point of view. The second season on the other hand arrived from Anuj’s point of view. In the second season, Anuj has changed drastically and his relationship is with Guaravi. When things go south the couple goes to advise Jitu Bhai (Jitendra). Gaurvi has spent months in jail for her husband's safety.


When she is granted bail, it is her turn to make her life worse. Anuj and Gaurav make a fresh start together and witness their turn and turn. They find themselves out of unemployment, own a one-bedroom apartment and move to a plush villa. Anuj and Gaurvi put the pieces together as they recreate their lives.

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Rainy Season 3 cast

The other two seasons of Rain saw a repeat of the cast from the previous season with special entries. The makers of the web series also announced the entry of P actor Jitendra in season two. He made his digital entry with Barish 2.

Next and next season cast includes Anuj as Sharman Joshi Gauravi, Priya Banerjee as Shreya, Sahil Shroff Rishi, Shubhangi Latkar Kanchan as Paulomi Das as Falguni, Ashok Joshi as Paresh as Sonab, Binaf Zinia as Patel, Arju as Sanchi. Muni Jha, Mira Patharkar as Devyani, and others. Season 3 will have the same cast with some new additions.

How to watch Rainy Season 3?

Barish ALT Balaji is the original series and is only available to view on the ALT Balaji app. Rainy season 1 only started to flow on ALT Balaji and season 2 made a favorable claim, so it is natural that season 3 will do the same. The application requires a subscription without which you are unable to view the range:

  • Download the ALT Balaji app through the App Store or Play Store
  • Subscribe to it and login to your account
  • Web Search Gin Search for Rainy Season 2 (web series released on May 6, 2020)

Watch Season 2 of Rain until Season 3 is released

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