Queen of the South Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, Spoilers and more


Queen of the South, the popular American crime-drama series, is returning very soon for the fifth season. Moreover, fans are very excited to know how the story will go with the popular series in the fifth season.

This series was written by Joshua John Miller and M.J. a. Created by Fortin in which Alika Brega stars in the role of Telesa Mendoza, a woman from Mexico City. Mendoza left Mexico after the tragic death of her boyfriend.

Queen of the South Season 5 Release Date:

The first season premiere of Queen Queen F South is back in 2016 and the premise has been compared to a breakdown. The first four seasons have had favorable reviews from both audiences and critics.

The fifth season of The Queen of the South has already resumed in 2019 after the fourth season. The fifth season has begun production, however, due to the COVID19 epidemic, the season has stalled. Moreover, the shooting for the fifth season is half done. In addition, fans will have to wait a while for the fifth season release.


The cast of Queen of the South

All four of the main cast members from the first four seasons are returning with Alice Braga, who is on her way to becoming a giant drug empire. In addition, Justina Machado, Veronica Falcon, Hemki Madeira, Jocquam de Almeida, Gerado Tharsena, Nick Sagar, John-Michael Acker, Idalia Wallace, Alfonso Herrera and Idla Walls are also returning to the show.

Queen of the South trailer

As of now, none of the fifth season trailers have hit the internet yet.



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