Punyalok Ahilya Bai 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya doesn't want to get married


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The episode begins with Gautama calming down the ruins. He says I assure you, I will always make the decision in your favor. Aji reprimands Ahalya for coming back after a lot has happened. Renu's mom says we can't stop him, it's the subedar's order. He tells Ahilya to go. Aji says that I saw Ahilya getting sandalwood for a widow. He takes revenge and goes away.

Ahilya applied sandalwood leap on Renu's head wound. Renu says you are good, Mum comes to give food, Aji doesn't let us talk. Ahilya asks why. Renu says that Ai is Suhagan, Aji says that Suhagan can't talk much with the widow, Ai can't sit with me. Ahilya is crying. He says don't worry, I'm not a bride, I won't get married, I'll come to see you, no one can stop me from meeting you. Renu's mom cries and tells Ahilya to come out.

Ahilya asks what it is. Renu's mom says you are really good, you have a lot of love in your heart, Renu has to take the habit of being alone, you will get married and go to your in-laws. Ahilya says no, I told my mother that I will not get married, if my parents push me, I will tell the subedar, he will persuade them, he is my good friend. Renu's mother says that every one of her parents has a dream to donate her daughter. Ahilya says no, they can't live without me.

Renu says your parents will dream of you settling down, they will prepare to say goodbye to you. "I wanted to meet Ahilya and go, but I will come back in two days," said Malhar. Jupiter is coming. Mankoji says that Pathak Guru Ji has come.

Mankoji says he is my guru, he predicted that Ahalya's fate would change soon. He introduced Malhar Rao. Malhar asks Guru Ji to find a good moment for children's marriage. Gangoba says yes, the queen will come here after 2 days, will you stay here? Guru ji says no, I have to go. Mankoji says try to stay back. Guru Ji says that I have promised to worship in days, I have to go. Mankoji says you are here for a while, find the moment from now, then we will leave. Guru Ji says nice. Gangoba says you said you would meet the queen and talk against her. Malhar says don't worry, I'll talk to him. He asks Mankoji if he cares. Mankoji says no. Guru Ji checks the moment. Gangoba thinks that means that this girl will become the arm of the Holkar clan. Ahalya remembers Renu's words.

Guru Ji smiles and says that after ten days the muhurat is very auspicious, if the marriage takes place on that day, Ahilya will prove to be lucky for your son, family and province. Well, the connection is certain when Malhar says. Ahilya's brothers come and see. Malhar says Ahilya and Khanderao will get married in ten days. Gangoba gives the package. Malhar gives Dakshina to Guruji. He hugs Mankoji. He also congratulates Sushila.

He says I'll go then. He departed with Gangoba. Ahilya comes home crying. Sushila asks Durga to send Ahilya to her. Ahilya packs some toys. Her brothers come and ask what are you doing? He says I pack these toys, Renu's mom said my parents would marry me if I played with the toy. Her brother says you don’t need a toy, you’ll find real utensils. He says Ahilya looks so good, he has to wear a sari now.


Her brother says you can’t even run around wearing a sari anymore, you can’t play in the pool, now nothing will happen by your will. He asks what you say. They say your marriage is over. She asks. They say yes, you have to go to your in-laws, stop playing, your in-laws are your home. He says wrong, you both lie, Mommy and Daddy won't let me go anywhere. They ask Sushila to ask. He goes to Sushila. Sushila says I was waiting for you. Sushila stays away from his bad eyesight. He hugs Ahilya. Ahilya asks if my marriage is fixed, is this true? Sushila says you know that, you know about the groom. Ahilya asks if I am really getting married.

Sushila says your luck got good luck, so you got a good house. Ahilya says I don't want to get married. Sushila says that every girl goes to her mother-in-law and forgets her mother-in-law, comes calmly, I can't believe that your connection has taken place in a big house. Ahilya tells him to listen. Nirmala says Ahilya's luck is good. Sushila says that I have thought of visiting the temple, coming to the temple with us and taking blessings. Ahilya says no, you are not listening to me. Nirmala asks what happened to her? Sushila doesn't say anything, just stay at home, I will come back home and give you prasad. Ahilya thinks of talking to Mankoji. Sushila says I will go to the temple and come. It's okay to say. She is gone

Ahilya comes to him. He says I thought you wouldn't come today. He says you said no one could go against the promise. He says yes. He says I promised to stay with Renu forever, if I break the promise it will be a sin. She complains about her brothers. He says that breaking the promise will make me sin. Mankoji says make a promise that you can keep, how can you stay here forever, how will you meet Renu if you are not here, you are a child, you will not find sin. He says I don't want to get married, you are good, you listen to me, I will obey you and not do evil. He says I don't know how I would live without you. He says I can't live without you and mom. He says I'll talk to you later. She cries

Ahilya says that Subedar ji will help me. He follows Malhar. It goes. Pandit says that you are going to marry Malhar's son, you can talk to Malhar whenever you want.

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