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Psycho: Mishkin, who prefers quality films, has always been a different story in Tamil cinema. If it was a crime and thriller genre, Mishkin would have brought us to the edge of the seat, would he have had the same experience with Psycho that was released around the world today? Should.


Psycho Tamiliogi Full Movie Download | The story

A murderer who kidnaps women. Police are searching for a key to apprehend him. This is the story of the psycho. While these stories go far beyond the time of Hiscock, the film and director will focus on how each director handles such thrills. Miskin’s manipulation of this psycho killer story is truly resilient.

Miskin is to be commended. During his school days, he was bitter, mentally ill and killed many women in Goa. Did the heroine of his list, the trapped, invisible hero, Aditi Rao save him? Or how to save and move the screen.

In fact, most of the killers get caught up in the climax of the psycho killer story. But Miskin’s Psycho movie breaks that pattern style and gives a new climax. The climax fans eagerly agree.


Satan drinks blood. Cinema fans who saw this as a kind of revenge would have been given a different face by Miskin Devil. A similar style approach to this psychology.

The film also stars Udyanidhi, Aditi Rao, Nitya Menon, Lion Tiger, Ram and Mishkin. Udyanidhi gets a beautiful score without worrying. Nitya Menon has been given a new role. He makes good use of it. Song "Unna Ninachi Ninachi Nirupi Bon Vaksa." Everyone is melting through Kapilan in the music of Epiraja. Cinematographer Tanveer Mir, lighting style in night scenes.

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Final words

In the name of the film they said, Psycho. So, guess what the movie looks like. No matter how much blood is sprinkled, only the filmmakers are fearless. There is no need to take a photo with so much blood. But what is director Mishkin going to ask us? He needs to talk about the film.

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