Project Runway Season 19 release date, hosts and competitors


Project Runway is an American reality show about fashion designing. The way of the show is that the contestants compete with each other by making the best clothes in a given time. Judges review the clothes they make and remove the ones with the lowest scores based on each competitor's score.

Every year, many contestants attend the show. They compete with each other in the sand with only a few left in the end. The show's finalists have the opportunity to showcase their clothes at New York Fashion Week.

Project runway details

The show is expected to release in Fall 2020. The show provides an open door for all aspiring fashion designers who compete with others and leave behind by designing better clothes than others. The winner of the show wins, 000, 250,000 and, in addition, has the opportunity to appear in ELLE Magazine and to appear in the Blueprint Digital Series and Guide with the CFDA.


Project Runway Season 19 hosts and competitors

The famous show Project Runway is hosted by an American model, Carlina Kloss, who was the show's Season 4 winner. He is now working and mentoring. The panel of judges includes Carlina Kloss, Nina Garcia who is the editor in chief of ELLE, fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth, chief editor of Teen Vogue. The panel of judges is expected to be some but the team of competitors will be new. The names of the participants have not yet been announced.

Project Runway Trailer

The show is not a trailer for 'Project Runway'. Stay tuned for more details.



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