Prime Video Panchayat Season 2 release date, cast, story predictions and more


Panchayat Season 1 is an Amazon Prime video original series released during the downdown. The primary character in the Abhishek Tripathi series is an engineering graduate played by Jitendra Kumar. In this series, Abhishek Tripathi takes the job of secretary of the government sector posted at a village in Uttar Pradesh, such as Phulera. In addition, the first season of the series was released on April 3, 2020 this year.

The director of the first season is Deepak Kumar Mishra and Chandan Kumar is in love with the viewers. In addition, the show has received a huge rating of 9.1 / 10 from IMDB. The facts and figures indicate that the show had a huge audience of around 4000+. Moreover, this made the fans eager to see the next second season.

Plot: Panchayat

The story of the series is about Abhishek Tripathi who is an engineering graduate. Since there was no surplus engineering job in the country, Tripti joined the government sector. He later became the secretary of the panchayat office in Phulera, Uttar Pradesh.


Cast: Panchayat

Famous actors in the series include Raghuveer Yadav, Jitendra Kumar, Nina Gupta, Chandan Roy, Sushil Tandon, Faisal Malik, Biswapati Sarkar, Suvendhu Chakraborty, K Kusum Shastri, Jyoti Dubey, Rajesh Jais, Dipesh Binny and many more.

At the time of writing, it is not clear who will be members in the second season.

Panchayat Season 1: Feedback

With its appearance, the series received a positive response from audiences across the country.

As far as the second season trailer is concerned, there is no confirmation as to when it will be released.



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