Prasant Verma’s Zombie Reddy release date, hero and cast


Prashant Verma is returning as the director of the highly anticipated film. Recently, the director of Kalki and Avena has unveiled the title of the third film, which will be directed by them, i.e. Zombie Reddy. The name suggests that the third film revolves around zombies or single zombies.

Through his appearance, Zombie Reddy marks the first time a zombie thriller in the entire Telugu cinema community. Verma has also unveiled a motion poster along with the title poster of the film.

Zombie Reddy Declaration:

According to Verma, Zombie Reddy Movie Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during coronavirus in India and elsewhere. Still, to keep film lovers on the edge of their seats, the director has yet to reveal the connection between COVID-19 and Zombie Reddy.

The essential plot of the film is likely to be revealed through the trailer of the film. While sharing the title of the film through advertisements, the director mentioned that the film will entertain everyone. As a high concept movie, Zombie Reddy will significantly entice the audience.


Zombie Reddy Cast:

At the time of writing, list Zombie Reddy cast Members are kept under wraps. In addition, the name of the protagonist or Zombie Reddy Hero Even the unknown is unknown. Still, some behind the scenes footage suggest that Harshvardhan and Teja Sajja are on board as the film’s actors.

Zombie Reddy Release Date:

Sources indicate that the shooting of Zombie Reddy is almost complete. Zombie Reddy release date And the trailer of Zombie Reddy has just come out. Once the post-production begins, the filmmakers and producers will release the film's official facial teaser and trailer.



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