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Ponmagal Vandhal Movie: Jyotika worked in Surya's 2D Entertainment Company. Written and directed by debutant director Patrick. Jyotika is in the role of a lawyer in this film. Besides, Bhagyaraj, Pandiyarajan, Parthiban, Pratap Pothan and Tyagaraja have also played important roles. Govind Vasant has made 96 films. Ramji has done the cinematography.

Ponmagal Vandhal

The movie is to be released directly on the ODT site as theaters are closed due to Corona's curfew. The film, which was made on a budget of about Rs 4.5 crore, has sold twice to the famous ODT company at a profit.

Ponmagal Vandhal HD Movie Download

Amazon Prime has released a newsletter featuring the story of the movie 'Ponmagal Vandhal'. 2D was the first film in the Indian film industry to be released on the ODD site. The film will be released on May 29 on Amazon Prime.

Even in the interview given for the promotion of the film, no information about the conspiracy of the film was revealed by the band. Meanwhile, a news item from the Amazon Prime site revealed the story of the movie 'Ponmakal Vandal'.

‘Ponmagal Aayo’ is a thrilling court trial story about an honest lawyer who is falsely trying to free an accused innocent woman. Petitioner Bethuraj, who lives in Otta, is re-investigating the case of Psycho Jyoti, convicted in the 2004 serial murder of kidnapping and murder. This is a strange story that is going on around him.

His daughter Venba is an avid lawyer. He finds and fixes loopholes in the law to bring out the truth. The case turns out to be a ridiculous mystery to the eye. The story of the film 'Ponmagal Vandhal' is that Wemba, who is defamed by the desire for name and fame, is upholding justice despite her challenges.

Jyotika is playing the role of a lawyer named Venba. Parthibahn acted as an advocate against him.

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Final words

I hope every Amazon Prime video will see the Ponmagal Vandhal HD movie.

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