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Description Penguin Isle

We have always been fascinated by penguins. They are beautiful, skillful and just straightforward adorable creatures! They live in the Southern Hemisphere and love to swim. What else can they do? Well, over the years, they've been featured in a lot of games. Most notably, this is the one we will talk about.


Hab Hab B is a simulation game by Penguin Isle APA that lets you collect penguins and create their own habitat. The game is so well received that it has garnered 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store! Why, with its simple gameplay and adorable characters, everything is clear to see you feel relaxed! Read on if you want to know more!

What is Penguin Isle?

You probably haven’t heard of simulation games until you live under a rock in the last few years. This is the new trend of genre games, where they focus on a single subject / aspect and make it as enjoyable and real as possible. Common subgeners are racing, airports and cooking.

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But this time, Penguin Isle is focused on raising penguins. In the real world, it is almost impossible to be a penguin as a pet. For one, they need a lot of paper. After that, you can’t just own 1 or 2, penguins being social creatures you want a lot more. In short, it’s absolutely impossible, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Penguin Isle is allowed to keep penguins, though! In fact, in this game, the goal is to have as many penguins as you can. And as you know, penguins live in Antarctica, where it stays cold all the time. And even though penguins are classified as birds, they can't really fly. But they can swim very well thanks to their anatomy.


Create your ideal penguin paradise and marvel at the beauty of the community you create. Yes, in this game, you will see penguins as farmers, fishermen, construction workers and pediatricians. Basically, it’s like a human village but for penguins. Other than that, you just need to guide the penguin in the right direction. Even if you don't play the game, penguins will continue to work for resources.

Features of Penguin Isle

We know that penguins are such beautiful creatures. But Penguin Isle has a lot more stores for you! Read about its features:


Passive game – Penguin Isle is a game that is classified as a passive game. This means you don't have to constantly interact just to play the game. Like Farmville but think for penguins. Here, even if you exit the game, the penguin will continue to work and generate resources. In turn, you can use this to make more livelihood or fun things. But most importantly, the charm of this game can be seen when the penguins are free to do as they choose.


Easy control – This is a passive game, so the controls are also incredibly simple. All you need to do is tap the required buttons. For example, you can upgrade your farmer penguin by simply tapping the level above the screen. After that, they collect the resources created by them by tapping the coin icon on their head.

Penguins Plenty – The stars of this show show themselves, the penguins are beautiful, stupid and energetic. It is a feature of cuteness and you can become addicted to this game in no time! At Penguin Isle, there are many types of penguins that you can collect from fishermen, farmers, children and more!


Beautiful graphics and music – The beautiful graphics are what most people in Penguin Islands really understand. Just watching the penguins is enough to melt your heart. Everything is nice, comfortable and enjoyable! Combine happy background music and you have a recipe for a really relaxing time!

Penguin Isle Mode APK – Unlimited Money, Unlimited Energy Release

Penguin Isle is a truly extraordinary simulation game that will captivate penguin lovers! If you really want to immerse yourself in the game, just download the free shopping mode and enjoy!

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