Paris Jackson’s brother Blankett’s 18th birthday was a surprise


Paris Jackson who is a very big M.D. in America. He has given many hit songs. Now, on the 18th birthday of her brother Blanket Jackson, she is having a lot of surprises and the images are currently going viral on social media.

Paris Jackson's 18th birthday

Paris Jackson is the daughter of the world's greatest dancer Michael Jackson. What is America's model right now?

Paris Jackson's 18th birthday to his brother Blanket

Her full name is Paris-Michael Catherine Jackson. He started his career in 2003. He currently runs his own agency, IMG Models in New York.

Debbie Rowe who is the mother of Paris Jackson. It has gone viral after sharing a photo of her brother’s birthday.


Blanket who changed his name to Biggie. In 2002, his father did all this to get him in front of the world and make him famous.

What does Paris Jackson do?

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