Paresh Rawal’s son will be debuting with Aditya Bumfad: trailer, plot, cast, release date announced!


Bamfad marks the debut of Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal's son, Aditya Rawal. The film is set to be released as a Z5 original film. The film is directed by newcomer filmmaker Ranjan Chandel. Bamfad will also give Bollywood, 'Arjun Reddy' fame Shalini Pandey. The film is set in Allahabad against a romantic volatile backdrop that will highlight an unusual yet raw and edgy love story. The director felt that the release of a digital platform film like the Z5 deserves its credit. Considering the current scenario with people under lockdown due to the epidemic, it may be surprising for the film to release Bamfafar on the OTT platform. Bamfad is produced by JAR Pictures and Shaika Films. The film is set to release on Z5 on 10th April 2020.

Bamfad Trailer

The trailer has not been released yet but the poster gives the audience an understanding of the role of Aditya's character Nasir and Shalini Neelam. Two new entrances lean on each other while two white doves fly over them. The monument's backdrop and the intense look of both lovers speak a lot. "I am delighted that I had the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting film," Aditya Rawal said in a statement. Although the driving force of the film is the love story, there are many layers to it. I want to make my own mark as an actor in the industry, and after reading the script I feel great about starting my journey by playing the role of a character named Nasir Jamal. I hope that people will see a large number of films on the Z5, and I look forward to hearing their response. "

Bamfad plot

Bamfad is located in Allahabad. The story of Sapphire and Nasir takes you through a series of events that portray the unstable love and raw energy between the two characters that makes you want more. Z5 Premium announced a Z5 original film on social media by sharing a poster of Bamfad and wrote, "Jahan Dil Lagna Na Asha;" Vahan Ashiqi will be #Bumfad! Introducing @Aditya___rawal as Nasir Jamal and @shalzp as Neelam. Directed by @Ranjan Chandel. Premieres April 10th, only at #Z5 #AZE5Original


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Jahan dil lagna na asan; Vahan Ashiqi will be #Bumfad! Introducing @Aditya___rawal as Nasir Jamal and @shalzp as Neelam. Directed by @Ranjan Chandel. The premieres April 10th only at #ZE5

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Bamfad is a script that is really heartfelt and bringing the scscreen to life is a craft in itself. Newcomer director Ranjan Chandal has previously expressed what he felt about the film, in which Aditya Rawal will star in Naseer Jamal and Shalini Pandey will play Neelam. The director said that the bill fits the character of the characters Aditya and Shalini have envisioned. There were many experienced artists who reached for these roles, but the raw energy that Aditya and Shalini bring with them makes them more suitable for the roles. Their refreshing chemistry is something to keep an eye on. Apart from Aditya and Shalini, the film also stars Jatin Sama and Vijay Verma. Shalini felt that Sapphire was courageous and courageous at the age of 24, but it was the weakness of the character that led her to the role. She wants her to be able to receive projects that constantly challenge her that will teach her a lot in the process.

How do you see the balm?

Bamfad is a Z5 original film which will only be available on Z5. You must be a subscribed member of Z5 to watch Bamfad. Bamfad will stream from April 10, 2020. Follow the next few steps to watch the movie.

  • Download the Z5 app through the App Store of Play Store
  • Login to your account or subscribe to Z5
  • Search for Bamfad which will come out on 10th April 2020

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