Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki


Pankaj Dheer Biography: So Shopper, in this new article today, I'm going to give you information about web superstars. In this, with the autobiography of Pankaj Patience, You will get more and more accurate information. Through this post, you will learn about Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki As well as his SonGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki
Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki

Pankaj Dheer Biography and Wiki

Now it's time to tell you about Pankaj Dheer's biography. Pankaj Dheer was born 9 November 1956 in Punjab, IndiaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He was very fond of his actions from an early age. Little did he know that he was going to create panic in the Bollywood industry going forward. He has worked in Indian television and in many films. He has worked in many popular TV series such as Mahabharata, Chandrakanta, THe is the great Maratha, Era, And A lot of revengeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Etc. These are included. He has also done some small roles in Bollywood and Hollywood, including this one Sadak And SoldierGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He also has a son, named Nikitin Dhir, he is also an actor, he is currently working in Bollywood movie etc.

Birth name Pankaj Patience
Business (s) Indian actor
Famous roles In the Mahabharata, the prominent role of Pankaj Dhir is that of Suryaputra Angaraj Karna, son of Kunti and Surya Deity.

Personal life

birth date 9 November 1956
Age (as of 2020) Ages 63
Birthplace Punjab, India
Zodiac N / A.
Nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai, India
College College / University MMK KOLLAGE
Educational Qualification N / A.
Religion Hinduism
Breed General
Address Mumbai, India
Interests and hobbies Games, watching
Social media FB, IN and TW

Physical appearance and more

Talking about physical appearance, you will find a lot of correct information in it. If we talk about its height 5,11 feet Is light and weighs 80 kg Which is well suited to his health. He has the color of his eyes Light brown And hair color BlackGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Which improves their personality.

Height (approx.) 5.11 in feet and inches
Weight (approx.) 80 kg
Eye Colors Light brown
Hair colors Black
Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki
Pankaj Dhir biography, He is the wife, age, family, net worth and wiki

Relationships and more

Pankaj talks about Dheer's personal life and knows some unique facts that no one else will tell you. So let's know.

Marital status Married
Matters / Boyfriends Don't know

Pankaj Patience Family

When it comes to family, his family is very small. There was no other son and wife in his family. His wife's name is Anita Dheer, A professional costume designer. They were married October 19, 1976General Chat Chat Lounge He has the beat Nikitin slow

Who is also a Bollywood actor. He is married and has a wife name Kritika Sanger Who is an Indian television actress. Son of Pankaj DearGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Wife Anita Dheer
Anita Dheer
Children Pankaj Dheer's son – Nikitin Dheer (actor)
Nikitin slow
Daughter-in-law Kritika Sanger (Actress)
Daughter- Nitika Shah


Pankaj is patient The career is full of a little straggle. He has seen a lot of striggles in his film career. He first started his career. Made in Knock The episode which is a series of Indian television Zee Horror Show, He acted 1993General Chat Chat Lounge Done with this Pooran Singh of the ArchesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He has played a leading role TV Series statute As a defense lawyer. It was located at the top of the courtroom play. Pankaj dare ightGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Pankaj Dhar "class =" wp-image-4705
Pankaj Dear Cast Movies

He has worked on many TV shows including Father in law Which shows him as a good actor.

Son-in-law simmer "class =" wp-image-4706
Father in law

In 2004, he made a film called Director My father is God the FatherGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The film is based on comedy, drama and romance. The film is directed by Ankur Pajani and the producer is the Essel Vision Production Company. In this film about popular TV artists Kritika Sanger And Sharad Malhotra

My Father God Father "class =" wp-image-4707
My father is God the Father

Pankaj Patience Worth the net

Talked about the net worth of Pankaj PatienceBeing a good artist, he is very well known in the Bollywood industry. Many people in Survey India like to watch their movies and TV shows. So we found out through research that their Worth the net Is around 140 C.R.General Chat Chat Lounge Who earned his hard earned money.

Net Worth (* Approx) 140 cr net amount


  • Besides being a good artist, he is also a good horse rider.
  • In his life, he became aware of many industries. He has worked in all films from Bollywood to Malayalam.
  • Pankaj slowly built his studio in 2006, based in Mumbai, called "Visage Studio".

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