Owl’s Ritual Tirajat Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast Announced!


Owl aims to create content that is most acceptable to listeners across India. While most OTT platforms are shy away from the adult web series, Owl Entertainment publishes these stories in a realistic way to understand what people are going through.

Ritu Riwaj Tirajat is yet another feature of Owl Entertainment. The custom will be streaming on the Tirajat ULLU app. The series has received a lot of positive attention since its thematic poster was released.

Riti Riwaj Tiraj has completed her first season in which she tells the story of a woman from the Bedania community in Madhya Pradesh. The Bedania community forbids its women and forbids them to marry. The women of their community are also not informed about the tradition which includes marriage. In the infamous Rai dance festival, women have to spend their lives before rich men.

Riti Riwaj Tirajat will be streaming on the ULLU app from May 29, 2020.

Riti Rivaj Tirajat Trailer

Riti Riwaj Tirajat's trailer has been released on YouTube. The trailer has given the audience an understanding of what to expect from the series. The trailer for Riti Riwaj Trijat was released on May 24, 2020.

The trailer clearly shows how women are kept in the dark about their basic rights as men in some communities. The show promises adult action and must consider how audiences have been loving the streaming show on the ULLU app.

Watch the trailer of Riti Riwaj Trirajat here:

Riti Riwaj Tirajat Plot

Riti Riwaj Tirajat is a story that reveals the truth behind the Bedania community. It is a small village in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. Women in the Bedania community neither marry nor do they know that there is a tradition that involves marriage. Women are known by their mother's name. Women are the winners of their homemade bread. They dance in front of rich men at the Rai dance ceremony.

Riti Riwaj Tirajat is the story of a young girl Tara (Anupama Prakash). She is in love with someone else but Rai is forced to take part in the dance ceremony. It is a custom that she must obey, even though she hurts her heart for what she loves. She is betrayed by the one she loves and lives in slavery. He longs to escape the brutal chains of tradition.


Riti Riwaj Tirajat Cast

The heart and soul of the web series is the actor. They make or break series. The main people who portray the story through the performance of their characters are the actors. Finding a cast that fits the script well is a very difficult decision for the creators. Actors should be good enough to make an impression on the audience.

The cast of Riti Riwaj Trirajat has managed to catch the eye of the viewers through the trailer. It’s a matter of time before they put themselves in front of an audience by series. The cast includes Anchal Takalkar, Ashok Jha, Prashant Manrai, Sudha Yadav, Leena Acharya and Anupama Prakash.

How to view custom tirajat online?

It's been a while since the ULLU app provided content that caught the eye of viewers. It has been consistent with its high quality content. The visuals have been very compelling which makes the story more relevant. Subscription plans start from a nominal price range of 6 months to Rs 99 for a period of one year. This is an important factor that has made the ULLU application a success.

The custom will be streaming on the Tirajat ULLU app.

To watch the show, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Play Store or App Store app
  • Subscribe to the ULLU app
  • See the web series mode custom triad on the ULLU application

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