Owl’s Next Series Ishq’s Trailer Murder, Release Date, Plot, Cast, Invisible Pictures Revealed!


ULLUs are a form of entertainment in which they get enough attention towards streaming content on OTT platforms. The producers of the show know what the audience wants and what they relate to.

The next web series that ULLU Entertainment will release is Ishq Kills. The web series will stream on the ULLU app from May 22, 2020. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Ishq Kills Web Series Trailer

Streaming on the Elk Kills ULLU app is an adult web series like many other series. Usually manufacturers who create adult web series stream their content on the ULLU app. The trailer is full of suspense and drama. The patriarch of a wealthy family makes it clear that any girl who runs away from home will have a bitter future.

The girl's marriage has been arranged but she is having sex with another man. Ishq Kills is dramatic with a fast paced trailer. The trailer was released on May 17, 2020.

Watch the trailer of Ishq Kills here:

Plot of Ishq Kills web series

Ishq Kills is a series that deals with a family of two in love. Families are the opposite of any kind of relationship that is shared between the two. Sadly there is a video that proves that their relationship is sexual which falls into the hands of the girl's mother. The show will detail how far they are going to go to sacrifice for their love. The main question is whether their love will take their lives?

A summary provided by ULLU Entertainment for Ishq Kills is, "Two souls in love who swear to live together cling to an old family tradition that lives between love and death. Passion or convention – who will they choose?"


Cast of Ishq Kills Web Series

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The cast is one of the main elements that either makes the show or breaks it. The cast is what stays in the minds of the viewers. If the audience appreciates the acting and is concerned with the characters, then the show is automatically a huge hit. It is up to the producers to choose the actors who will be able to tell the story well.

Ishaq Kills has a rather popular star cast to its credit. Beautiful and rather talented Asma landed in the shoes of the protagonist. Another popular name in this list is Usha Bachani. Bachani has starred in the favorite television show Kundli Bhagya, which has made her a popular name.

Other actors include Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Akhilesh Akki and Tarun Khanna in the lead roles.

How to watch Ishq Kills web series?

The Ishq Kills web series will be streaming on the ULLU app. To watch the show, follow some simple steps:

  • Go to your Play Store or App Store account
  • Subscribe to the ULLU app
  • Check out the Eric Kills web series web series on the ULLU app (the show will stream from May 22, 2020)

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