Office xbox office fee collection, budget, hit or flop and story


Are you looking for the movie Saraleru Nikevaru B Office X Office Fee Collection? You are in the right place in search of internet. In which you will find all the information about this Telugu film. Telugu latest movie sarileru nikevaru budget if you understand now i you hit this movie now and flop.

You will be encouraged to know that the second star of superstar Mahesh Babu is coming in 2020. Which you will love to see.

Office xbox office fee collection, budget, hit or flop and story

Today, inside this post, you will find information about the office fee, star cast, budget, screen, hit or flop as well as the story of Surileru Nikevaru.

If we go to General to know more about this film, it is an action film. Hearing this, it will be made under the banner of director Anil Ravipudi and producer Rambrahm Manoranjan. You will also see superstars Mahesh Babu, Vijay Shanti, Prakash Raj, Pradeep Rawat, Hari Teja, Sachin Ghedekar, Rajendra Prasad, Subbaraju, Vanella Kishore, Ajay and Ansuya Bhardwaj in his star cast.

1. Surreal Nikevavaru Storyline / Trailers and Posters

The story: In the story, you will see a soldier, who also gives his life to save the country. And they are playing the role of Kurnool in this and telling about the power of the army in keeping the country safe.



2. Rolls, crew and star cast:

Now we will learn about the star cast of this film and some of the crew members associated with it. Through this, you will get a lot of information.

# .Star cast and roll

Real name Role
Half Arjun
Rajasekhara Aningi N / A
Ganeshbabu N / A
Mahesh Babu Ajay Krishna
Tamannah Bhatia N / A
Vanilla Teenager Teenager
Rashmika Mandanna N / A
Rajendra Prasad N / A
Prakash Raj N / A

#. Director, producer and writers

Author Director Creator
Anil Ravipudi Anil Ravipudi Mahesh Babu
Venkat Rama Krishna Sunkari
Dil Raju
  • Other crew members:
Music by Goddess Shri Prasad
Cinematography R. Rathnavelu
Edited by Thammiraju
Production company AK Entertainment Shree Venkateshwar Creations G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Delivered by N / A
Release date January 11, 2020
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget . 100 crore
B Office X Office Fees 9169.55 crore

3. All songs / music videos:

By the time you get some information about it, then which song has been released by Abhi. Let's talk a little bit about it. And find out how many songs have been released so far.

First song: Sarileru Nikevaru Title Song – A Tribute to the Indian Army | Mahesh Babu | DSP | Anil Ravipudi

The song Release date Singer Views
Sarileru Nikevvaru title song 14 Aug August 2019 N / A 5,038,674 views (+ 5m)

4. Forecasting, publishing, budgeting and office fees:

You may have got all the information, so now we know its forecast, publication, budget and collection of office fees.

  • Release Date:
India release January 11, 2020

Budget and Forecast:

Talking about the budget, let us say that the budget for this film has been kept 75 crores. Which represents a great film. You may also know about the Sarileru Nikevaru budget in this pose. The Surreelu Nikevaru budget should be right now.

Releasing on 11 January 2020 (India)
Product budget .00 70.00 crore
Prints and advertising costs 00 5.00 crore
Total budget expenditure .00 100.00 Crores (Full Movie)
Is released in screens 3900+ screens

6.Sarileru Nikevavaru Office x Office Fee Collection

An office fee is something that helps any film move forward. Whatever star she is, she plays an important role in her life. Everyone tries to find out about the box office fee collection of the film. So with that in mind, let me tell you about it Office X Office Fee Collection.

Collection (India) 9169.55 crore
Collection 1 221.70 crore
Collection (foreign) .00 25.00 crore

6. Heat / flop:

Hits and flops are determined based on the budget of any film and the collection of office fees. So now we talk about Sarileru nikevvaru Hit and flop in this post. If you find this topic right now, it will be a hit and a flop.

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