Netflix’s White Lines Season 2 release date, plot, cast, trailer revealed!


Netflix has Flair to bring shows that have aroused a lot of interest. His thriller show is not surprising and attracts a wide audience. Aware of these facts, Netflix brings shows that, despite being unique, do not make people catch up.

Money Heist was a huge success for Netflix and there is no turning back when the creators of this same show come up with yet another shiny script. White lines were released on Netflix on May 15, 2020.

It very much depends on the appreciation of the listeners whether the show will be revived for the second season or not but keeping the differences in favor of the White Lines, the announcement of Season 2 will come down soon.

Netflix is ​​doing a great job of keeping its world viewers engaged at a time when the whole world is in a trance.

Trailer for White Lines Season 2

Written by Alex Pina, creator of Netflix's White Lines La Casa de Papel (Money Hayst). Pina will also head to the White Lines.

The 10-part play will follow the investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of the legendary Mankunian DJ, who went missing one summer on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

A decade later, the body of a Mankunian DJ was found on the island of Ibiza. Her grieving sister travels all the way to unravel the mystery of her brothers' death. The dialogue is in a mixture of English and Spanish. As no official announcement of White Lines Season 2 has been made, no trailer has been released yet.

Until then watch the trailer for White Lines Season 1 here:

Plot of White Lines Season 2

The White Lines series is a drug-based crime thriller. The series includes 10 episodes in its first season. The conspiracy of the White Lines disappears and revolves around the suspense surrounding the subsequent death of the iconic McDunion DJ. This cools the society but they were unable to receive the body.

The Mankunian DJ went missing and was found dead 20 years later on the Spanish island of Ibiza. With the mention of Ibiza and the gripping trailer, it is expected that the show will revolve around drugs, parties and fantasies coming true.


In such cases it is necessary for a relative to claim the body, but in view of this murder, the sister of the MCunian DJ travels to Ibiza to find out the secret behind her brother's mysterious murder.

Netflix describes the show as follows: "A Manchester woman who used to lead a quiet life leaves everything behind for a trip to Ibiza to find out what happened to her brother. She is desperate to find the truth behind her early disappearance and subsequent death.

The cast of White Lines Season 2

White Lines is making a lot of noise, mainly because of the show's producers. White Lines is created by the same man who gave the world a money hist (La Casa de Paypal), Alex Pina.

The cast of this show is well prepared as they should suit the requirements of the character. The creators have a reputation for living up and more importantly, telling a story.

The cast of White Lines stars Laura Haddock, DJ's sister, Daniel Maze, Angela Griffin, Lure Rance Fox, Marta Milans and Juan Diego Botto from the parents of Galaxy Fame.

How to watch White Lines Season 2?

White Lines Season 1 was released on Netflix so Season 2 will also be streamed on Netflix. It's just as natural that Netflix has rights or shows. Season of White Lines was released on May 1, May 15, 2020 and was available on Netflix. Post Season 2 will then be announced by the respective producers.

Follow these simple steps to see the white lines:

  • Create a Netflix account by downloading from the App Store or Play Store
  • Login to your existing Netflix account
  • Search for White Lines (Watch White Lines Season 1 Season 2 Streams)

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