Netflix’s ‘The Idhon Chronicles’ release date is September 10, worldwide plot, characters, release date and more


Netflix has confirmed the release of 'The Idhun Chronicles' which will be its first original Spanish anime on August 13, 2020. The anime will premiere in more than 190 countries from September 10. ‘The Idhun Chronicles’ is an adaptation of ‘The Resistance’ written by Laura Gallego. ‘Idhun Chronicles’ is produced by Zeppelin and developed in Vittoria-Gestize, with five episodes of 25 minutes each.

The story of The Idhun Chronicles is about action, friendship and entertainment. The clip, released by Netflix, introduces the audience to the main characters of the anime who fought for Idun's freedom.

‘Idhun Chronicles’ characters

Victoria (Michelle Jenner): – She has special powers and has to learn how to use them from the shell. Its power is limited to healing the soul of Limbhad. And further connecting with it.

Jack (Itzan Eskemila): – He is 13 years old and suffers from snake phobia. He also has discomfort when he is nervous and also feels a burning sensation around him. He has been shown to be optimistic, stubborn and impulsive.

Shell (Nico Romero): – He received a gift of magic from Unicorn and is a wizard of resistance. He taught Vittoria how to use his power.

Alson (Carlos Cuvas): – Received his education at the Nurgon Academy, he is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Venice. He is a ‘resistance’ leader who is a rebel group.

Kirtash (Sergio Moore): – He is 15 years old and serves Ashron, Necromancer, and receives the unwavering support of Wizard Allianz. He is an experienced killer.

‘Idhun Chronicles’ plot

When the three suns and moons come in alignment on Idhun, the Necromancer monastery captured power. Then began the reign of the winged serpent. Battles take place on Earth where Victoria and Jake fight against Kirtash who was sent to kill the people sent by the asylum. Jack and Victoria fight and make some unexpected connections.

Idhun Chronicles release date

Discussed at the beginning. Idhun Chronicles, which will premiere in more than 190 countries from September 10. The anime will premiere in more than 190 countries 10 September.



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