Netflix’s most awaited series Money Heist Season 4 has been leaked to download and watch online downloads on TamilRockers and other streaming sites!


Money Heist is one of Netflix's most loved and highly anticipated shows. While the world is currently in a partial lockdown, the release of Money Hist comes as a savior for everyone. Netflix previously announced that the fourth season of Money Heist will be released on April 3rd. All episodes of Money Heist Season 4 will be available and are set to run in India at 12:30 pm on Netflix. The new season will have a total of eight episodes to its credit. The Netflix hit Spanish show La Casa de Papel is the English title Money Hist. This season will boast of anti-explosive episodes that are full of non-stop drama and there will be plenty of twists and turns as the Hist nears its end. The third season ended on a cliffhanger, the professor was about to run away and a reveal that left the audience wondering if Raquel was still alive. The artist includes v. Lauro Morte as a professor, Rusula Corbery as Tokyo, Jaime Laurent Lopez as Denver, Alba Flores as Nairobi, Darko Peric as Helsinki, Etzier Itu as Raquel. Esther Acebo, Howick Cachecarian, Rodrigo de la Serna and Pedro Alonso are retaining their parts for the fourth season.

Money Heist Season 4 leaked

The audience has no clear clue as to how events will take a turn for the fourth season of Money Hist. But there are principles and predictions being made. The robbers have escaped from the bank despite being surrounded by police. The trailer reveals that Nairobi may have survived, despite the fact that there was a lot of blood shed last season. It has been shown that the professor is escaping on a stretcher with a wounded Nairobi while they are walking through the jungle.


There are also rumors that Raquel Muriel's collaboration with the police in exchange for his independence. But the professor was convinced that the police had shot him. Tokyo is heard quoting in the trailer, "Our mastermind was losing his mind, and so are we", depicting the struggles of professors and robbers. "Tokyo and Rio kill cops by blowing up a police break-up police tank. The previous season ended with a cliffhanger and a statement that confirmed that the fourth season would be full of chaos. The trailer solidified our belief and we have no doubt that this season was the previous season. As adventurous and enjoyable as possible.

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